Release 120 April 2021 notes

  • Rich text editor: It is now easier to link to 'Your web files' in the rich text editor. The interface has been streamlined and also better displays long file names. 
  • Copy protection for PDF files: Text in a PDF uploaded to itslearning with 'copy protection' is protected from being selected or copied. Teachers can, however, still copy text and annotate PDF submitted as assignment answers.
  • 360° Reports: 
    • In course 360° reports we have simplified the language so that teachers can now easily see how many tasks have been completed and how many resources are visited. For example, "10 of 12 completed" for activities and "27 of 30 visited" for resources. All icons have been removed except a green check mark when all students have completed a task or visited a resource.
    • Learning paths are now included in the 360° Resource summary report with a status and a list of all resources in the path. Each resource has a completion status. In the student view of this report, students will only see elements that they have access to, meaning that if they are the on the fourth step out of five, they will only see a report showing the first four resources.
  • Policy management: System administrators can delegate policy management to school administrators. For example, a municipality can now allow each school administrators to manage policies for their school. For this, the permission 'Policy management' needs to be given to the user via the profile or by creating and assigning a policy with this permission. This permission will give the user access to 'User and access right' and 'Policies'.
  • User administration pages: We're continuing our work to improve the user administration pages. The 'Add user page' will be upgraded for better accessibility and performance. What's changing is the look, but the features will largely remain intact.
  • Discontinuing Lesson tool: We are starting a process to remove the old 'Lesson tool'. This tool has already been turned off for most customers. Teachers will now get a 'discontinuation message' when they create a new lesson. Teachers can use a Plan, a Learning Path or folder to put resources into context. Our aim is to keep existing lessons as read-only so no content will be lost after the tool is discontinued.

These release notes also apply for Fronter 19.

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