R143 External Release Notes

What's new in our October 2023 Release?

This release shows improvements to table view in the planner and accessibility improvements.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Teachers can now use the action “Set dates” in the Planner table view. We also improved keyboard navigation and information from screen readers on these pages.

Accessibility updates

We have standardised and improved accessibility in some of the administration pages.
  • Course settings pages.
  • Supervisor/Headteacher/Mentor pages.

Other accessibility updates

  • Element settings sidebar: accessible tooltip + correct button behaviour in collapsed state
  • Login page: Section with country links changed to a simple text with a link to the itslearning website
  • Course cards: tooltips hidden from screen readers

Other updates

  • We updated the version of the optional add-on module 'Test Mode Browser'. After this release, older versions are still accepted, but students are recommended to download and install the new version to take a test.

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