June 2024 Release Notes

What's new in our June 2024 release?

As we have now moved to a frequent release process, notes will be published with every release. You can find the external release notes for June below. Release information is published on these pages on Monday/Tuesday before the release is deployed on Wednesday. 

Please note that in some instances, the release day may change due to holidays or other circumstances. If you want to see which version itslearning is currently running, you can find that information at the bottom of your login page. Want to keep up-to-date with product and release information?

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2024.6.4 - Release Product Updates in itslearning

Information message about LTI 1.3 in developer portal

Users that have access to the developer portal will see a message when adding a new tool, informing them that for registering tools that support LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage, they can contact itslearning to assist in getting the tool added to the App library. This is part of our new process to simplify working with third-party content.

Data warehouse / OData: Plans

You can find plans and the link to connected elements in the Data Warehouse. This can be used to create reports or dashboards outside itslearning that read the content structure based on plans. 

Data Warehouse documentation has been updated.

AI setting moved

20th of June, we made a new global setting available to allow administrators to enable AI features on their site. (For now, this enables creating surveys using AI.) The setting was put at the top of the ‘Features and security’ page, but is now moved to the ‘Tools and features’ section on the same page, to appear with other features that can be enabled and disabled.

Immersive reader in the new planner

We are adding immersive reader to the description field of the new planner, so that students can consume and understand text added by their teacher. This reading assistant will both help young pupils that can't read, as well as students with some sort of reading and/or learning disability.

Released fixes in Itslearning-2024.6.4

KeyExternal Release Note

Resolved an issue where links in content blocks on dashboard/group view were duplicated or missing.

2024.6.3 - Release Product Updates in itslearning

Survey Tool with AI

The Survey Tool with Generative AI is now available. Administrators now have the option to activate this AI feature on their respective sites. Please note that the feature is not enabled by default.

Read more about how to create a survey with AI and how to activate it. 

Disconnect 2FA authentication app for a user

In situations where user has set up two-factor authentication and has lost access to their authentication app, essentially locking themselves out of itslearning, administrator can disconnect the the authentication app for the user. This can be done in Admin > User and access rights > Edit user > Security. 

Note: Together with this change, we have renamed the tab 'Password' to 'Security' in user settings.

Updates to the 360° progress report

The 360° progress report has been enhanced to include features previously available in personal reports, which will be retired in July. Users can now access resources and activities directly from the 360° progress report. 

Additionally, we’ve added a link to the assessment log within the report. The assessment log is available to teachers and administrators and can be found in the details column.

With these changes, the 360° progress report can fully replace the personal reports, ensuring that users won’t lose any functionality.

Released fixes in Itslearning-2024.6.3


Some pages related to assignment had a misleading title (when viewing the title of the browser tab).

These titles were changed to "Assignment".

2024.6.2 - Release Product Updates in itslearning

Accessibility fix: Alt text for profile pictures in announcements

Profile pictures (or default avatars in the case where the user doesn't have a profile picture) for announcement authors now have an appropriate alt text. For comments, the profile pictures are purely decorative and has an empty alt text. This improves the experience for screen reader users.

Test Mode Browser update

To maintain the maximum security of the Test Mode Browser (TMB), we do a forced update every summer. This means that after the summer, older versions of TMB can no longer be used. This applies to Mac and Windows versions. Chromebooks and iPads are not affected. For any student taking a test in Test Mode, they will need to download a new version of TMB as instructed in the test. We highly recommend running a ‘trial test’ if you are using TMB for your tests to ensure everyone is updated before the real test starts.

For customers using the Windows LAB version, which can only be installed by admins, we will provide the new install file as soon as the update is done, probably before the end of June. Please reach out to support if you have not received this by July. We send this out only to customers where we have detected use of this particular version.

Discontinuation of pilot features

Sometimes we build minimum versions of a new feature to pilot and gauge its value before investing more into it. In some cases, it turns out the value is limited, and our efforts are better spent elsewhere. After review, we have now decided to remove two such features: ‘Parent cards’ and support for Immersive reader in Edge (note, this is not the Immersive reader you can find in Assignment, Announcements and Note). These have been available for a handful of customers but will be removed over the summer.

Released fixes in Itslearning-2024.6.2

Our referenceSummary
ITS-90801Made improvements to resolve an issue where some users were not able to access courses.
ITS-90250    There was an issue with editing a task, if the task had “end of specific day” deadline option set.
ITS-88548Fixed an issue where tasks for a student and follow-up tasks connected to a student were missing, if the student was previously removed from the course, and later re-added.


Fixed an issue that caused "play" and "continue" options to not work when using a plan.

2024.6.1- Release product updates in itslearning

Using select all when copying plans in table view

Teachers can now select all plans and copy them when using the table view. 

Copy plans in table view

Teachers can now copy plans when using the table view. 

Our referenceSummary
ITS-90486Fixed an issue where attendance shown in export from Attendance sometimes did not match the attendance shown in the GUI.

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