How to enable AI in itslearning

Where to find the option

This is for the system administrator only. 

In Admin > Edit global settings > Features and security there is a setting called 'Enable AI service to create content'.

Screenshot of the setting to enable AI services

When you enable this setting, any user with permission to create content in a course (or folder within a course) can benefit from the AI service when creating content. See below for available features.

This change may take up to 60 minutes to take effect after you save.

Available features

As of June 2024, this is a feature only in our survey tool, but we aim to extend to other tools soon.

Data protection

As of 19.06.2024, itslearning is connecting to an API service provided by Azure OpenAI for our AI feature, using the GPT-4o model. This service is hosted inside EU. 

Since we are using an account owned by itslearning, we are not transferring any personal data (user data, customer data) to the service for identification purposes, nor as part of the prompt used to generate content. This is why the AI service provider is not added as a data sub-processor.

The prompt we send is created based on the user input (short text + parameters such as number of questions to generate). We then add necessary parameters and information needed to get a response we can transform into the format needed by the itslearning tools. 

After the initial generation of content, no more information is exchanged with the service, only the initial request is sent and one response received.

Data may be stored up to 30 days for purposes of abuse monitoring. Data is not used for training models or shared with others in any way.

External documentation

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Microsoft documentation on the different AI models

Microsoft documentation on data, privacy, and security for Azure OpenAI Service

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