Tasks are non-digital submissions such as artwork, oral presentations, hand-written essays or a face-to-face discussions.  

It is also possible to create and add Microsoft or Google files and allow your students to work on them using the Task tool. Tasks allow the teacher to provide digital directions and grading specifications, but the work will be submitted, assessed, and graded manually.

Tasks have the same types of options as Assignments, however assessment also has the options to allow participants to track their completion.

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A teacher can assign Tasks to all course participants in the course, select individual students, or groups of students.

The default is to 'all course participants'. Click Change for the other options.  

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Add file  

Share a file with you students. Simply select from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. To use cloud features, the teacher and students must have an account with Google or Office 365. 

All students, regardless of connected cloud service accounts, will get permissions to access the task and the file added by teacher.

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