Whether you need an overview of who is participating in what activity on a sports day or who has volunteered to do what in the school play, registrations provide the perfect tool. 

Teachers may create a list of options making this a flexible and useful way for which participants may register. When all participants have registered, a list becomes available for the teacher with all of the information.

screenshot registration form

Teacher view

To create a registration, click Add and select 

The registration tool allows for the creation of a defined set of "choices" for students to choose from. It is possible to add up to 200 choices.

In addition, you have some options:

  • Number of "seats" available for each choice - limits how many students pick the seats.
  • Participants must explain their choice(s) = when students make a selection, they also have to input a comment or reason for their choice.
  • Participants can see each other's choices.
  • Minimum and maximum number of selections for the student. Default Min=1, Max=1.
  • Deadline - similar to any other task.
  • Participants can edit their choice(s) = students can go back in and change their selection (dependent on any other restrictions provided by the teacher).
  • Mandatory - similar to any other task. Default = yes.
  • Active (visibility) - just as for any other element. Default = yes (unless created through planner, in which case the plan settings dictate the default).

After saving, you can see a summary of the information:

screenshot registratio summary

Clicking "Registrations" will show you the choices and students for each choice, and at the bottom a list of who has not registered yet: 

screenshot registration participants

The list can be exported to Excel, and it is also possible to use this as basis for creating course groups. 

As a teacher, you can register on behalf of a student - select that student in the list of 'Not registered students' first.

As a teacher, you can edit or delete the registration of a student - select that student in the list first.

Note: If you want to do something on behalf of multiple students, they need to fulfill the same requirements. If there are only two seats available for a choice, you are not able to register 3 students at the same time by selecting that choice. If students have selected different choices, you can't edit them at the same time. An error message will be shown if you're not able to perform an action.

Student view

screenshot registration participant view

The "Registrations" tab is only available if participants are allowed to see how others have responded. 

screenshot choices

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