Adding rubrics to assignments

To add a standards-based rubric, first ensure standards have been added to the assignment.  Then, click on 'manage rubric'.

You can search for assessment criteria that has been set up previously and shared. If criteria exist, it may be added to the assignment.

When no assessment criteria are found it must be manually created. To do this, choose ‘add criteria.’  The criteria are specific to a standard. Multiple criteria may be added to a single standard.

Title your criteria accordingly and then provide descriptors within the rubric.

Achievement levels are established at the district/school/state level by an itslearning administrator. Default settings include four levels as seen below. It is important that these settings are correct before assessing students.  Contact your itslearning administrator if you notice a problem with these settings.

If you have chosen to assess your assignment with a score, the rubric may be weighted. The results from all assessment criteria will create an overall score.

Once you have created assessment criteria for your standards, you may choose to share the criteria with others in your school or district.  Choose the share option.

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