Tasks are non-digital submissions and may include student artwork, oral presentations, hand-written essays or a face-to-face discussion.  It is also possible to create Microsoft or Google files and allow your students to collaborate on them using the Task tool.  Tasks allow the teacher to provide digital directions and grading specifications, but the work will be submitted, assessed, and graded manually.

Tasks the same types of options as assignments, however assessment also options allow participants to track their completion.


When creating a task, the teacher can select a cloud file for student collaboration. To use this feature, the teacher and students must have an account with Google or Office 365. 

Additionally, when creating a task, by default it is assigned to all course participants, but the teacher can select participants or groups.

By clicking ‘Change,’ the participant picker opens and the teacher can assign the task to only a selection of students.

Next, the teacher selects a file to be used for collaboration and saves the task.

All students, regardless of connected cloud service accounts, will get permissions to access the task and the file added by teacher.

When a student/participant clicks on the collaboration link one of two scenarios will occur:

If the student has already connected their cloud service account, file opens and they begin collaborating.

If not connected, the student is asked to link to their cloud account, and when binding is done, permissions are set on collaboration for the user and the collaboration file opens when it is clicked. The binding work-flow is only needed once. Collaborations will open in Google, full screen.

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