Opdracht - Alles-in-één-beoordelaar

The all-in-one grader opens when clicking on the answer of a student.

It opens in a full screen window, to use as much of the screen as possible This also helps the teacher focus on the task at hand.

Viewing the answer

If there are more file attachments, or there is an attachment and an answer (or other content) written in the rich text editor, the teacher can open the attachments separately,

If the student has submitted 1 file attachment, it will open immediately.

Document viewer

The document viewer is shown when the answer has been submitted as PDF. In addition, if Office Online is disabled uploaded files will be converted to PDF 

With this document viewer, it is possible to add annotations/comments on selected text.

Google viewer

When used together with templating (make a copy for each student), a preview of the Google doc will be shown in the all-in-one grader. 

Office Online

When enabled, Office files (docx, pptx, xlsx) will be opened in Office Online.

Assessing the answer

The submission status

Depending on site settings, submission status can be presented in two ways.

The simple submission status allows the teacher to indicate if an student is done with the assignment (complete) or needs to resubmit (incompleted):

When the (old) custom submission statuses are used, the options of it can be selected:

More information on submission statuses can be found here: Submission status

Assessment scale/Score

If an assessment scale or score has been setup for the assignment, it will be offered below the submission status.

Rubric assessment 

If a rubric has been added to the assignment, the button 'Open rubric' will be shown above the feedback field.

The rubric will open in a window.


You can write feedback to the student in the Feedback field.

Note: it will be made possible to enter rich text feedback.

Feedback attachments 

Click the 'Attach file' link below the feedback field to open the options to attach a file from.

Assignment settings

There are a couple of settings that a teacher can enabled for an assignment that will be reflected in the all-in-one grader.

Group assignments

If the answer is submitted by a group, the group members can be viewed from the top bar of the all-in-one grader.

Want to know how to set up group assignments, see Group activity.

Plagiarism report

If plagiarism control is enabled, the matching percentage with other resources will be shown next to the answer. Clicking on this percentage will open the report.

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