February 2024 Release Notes

What's new in our February releases?

As we have now moved to a frequent release process, notes will be published with every release. You can find the external release notes for February below.

2024.2.5 - Release product updates (2.4 n/a)

2024.2.3 - Release product updates

2024.2.2 - Release product updates

2024.2.1 - Release product updates

2024.2.5 - Release product updates (2.4 n/a)

Participants Page

Quickly add course participants when you can't add group

There can be several settings preventing a teacher from adding an organisation group, such as a class, to a course. With organisation groups, any changes to group memberships will automatically be reflected in the course.

Depending on permissions, you can be allow to add individual users to the course from organisations from which you're not allowed to add a group. Up until now, these users needed to be added one by one. Now, it is also possible to quickly add all members of a group individually to a course.

Groups column now showing for all course participants

On the course Participants page, we now show the Group column to all roles, including students. Previously this column was only visible to teachers and administrators.

Seeing which groups another student is member of is in some practices needed when students can choose their groups.


Select all in table view

To work more efficiently teachers can now select all their plans in the table view. We provide feedback so teachers will know exactly how many plans that are selected.

To avoid any performance issue, we will only process 100 plans at a time. This means that if you have 125 plans in a course and for instance want to print them, we will only print your 100 first plans.

Please notice that we need to run an OPS ticket to enable this feature just after the release.


Our Reference

Fixed an issue with navigation in Planner, where the back button in the top left to take you back to the topics did not work after opening a resource inside a plan.

Fixed an issue where some users were not able to login via 2FA. This affected users that had not connected to a validator app.

2024.2.3 - Release product updates

360 Reports

360 reports improvements for big courses

We made some further performance improvements to the 360 reports. These improvements will primarily be noticed in courses with many participants.

The first 3 tabs (Activity, Progress, Grades) can now show up to 1000 students.

Rather than loading data for all students at once, the data is loaded for the first 20 students. Additional data is loaded when you start scrolling.

If there are even more students in the course, you will still be able to see their data, but some functionality of the report will be removed. This affects the summary on top of each page, the export to Excel, and the sorting of columns which will be limited to Name only. In courses with over 10.000 students it will only be possible to search for a user and open their individual report.

(Note that the limit can be set lower on certain sites. This can for example be done if courses on this site are known to have many resources.)

Participants page 

Filter on students without group

It was already possible to filter the course participants on an organisation group or a course group, allowing teachers to see who is in a specific group and for example quickly send them a message.

Now, it is also possible filter on students not in a group yet. For this, the option "Without group" is added to the filter.


Connect to calendar events

Teachers can connect their plans to calendar events. When the date or the time for an event is changed, it automatically gets updated in the planner.

Moving a resource to another plan

In single plan page, teachers can now choose to move a resource to another plan within the same topic. When opening the modal, they can see all plans within this topic, but if there are many plans, they can choose to filter by current and upcoming plans, past plans or plans without date.  

After selecting another plan, the resource will be listed at the bottom of the field resources and activity.

If the visibility of the date field is off, we will show all plans and not filter them when opening the modal.

Teachers will soon be able to move a resource to another plan when using the table view. 


Our Reference

Automatic logout time setting is displayed for users in "view permissions" tab in their profile.


Added a reminder that says that teachers need to start messaging conversations. This will show if a student tries to start a conversation in a course where the teacher has not yet started a conversation,


Fixed an issue for LTI 1.1 apps, when using Safari on mobile device with iOS, In some cases it tried to communicate in the same window and failed. Now the app is opened in a new window in Safari.

2024.2.2 - Release product updates

Survey tool

We have released a new version of the survey tool. The main change is an updated export format, redesigned after customer feedback.


Our Reference

When importing topics as ready-made content in Planner. If the imported topics contained custom fields, and you imported multiple topics at the same time, custom fields would show more than once.


Fixed an issue where in a few cases, the teacher was not able to annotate on a PDF document.


Fixed an API related issue that affected customers using TimeEdit integration with Calendar. Due to a missing response from the API, changes could become overwritten when TimeEdit was synced.


Fixed an issue where applying a course template on a created course did not follow the same restrictions as when creating a new course based on a template.

2024.2.1 - Release product updates

360 Reports

Performance improvement 360 reports

We have made a small performance improvement to the 360 reports. Previously all report data was loaded at once. Now, report data is loaded when opening one of the report tabs. 

Participants page

See number of participants on Participants page

We now always show the pagination control on the new Participants page. This way, teachers can quickly see how many participants are in the course. Up until now, this was only shown if there were more than 100 participants


Our Reference

When submitting an image as part of an answer in an assignment, sometimes the link to the image could become corrupted.


Fixed an issue that caused the view filter for course announcements to be automatically set to the user's last setting when navigating to another course (instead of showing the default as expected).


Fixed an issue where sometimes when adding a guest user from the course participants view, the selector would show suggested course role student (but the user would be added as a guest).


Fixed an issue that prevented users from opening Planner after accessing an AICC link to a course in another site.


Fixed an issue in Assessment record, where after searching for a user that is not in a group, clicking on the user, and using the navigation to go back to the assessment record, the filter setting used in the last search was not automatically applied.


When adding an MP4 file to the description field of a plan, the size of the video was not correctly scaled.



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