R142 External Release Notes

What's new in our September 2023 Release?

This release shows improvements to the table view in planner and accessibility improvements. 

Table view in planner

We have made several improvements to the new table view. The dates are moved to the first column together with the plan title, the plan image and the topic. You can also find the visibility toggle, so that it will be easy to see at a glance if the plan is visible or not for students. 

To avoid scrolling we are now resizing images added to the description field or to other text fields in the table view. These are still shown as full size when opening a plan card. We will always keep the proportion of the image.

Other Changes 

  • We have improved accessibility and made it visually easier to see when you can change the title of a page/tool. In this release we have updated test, assignment, page and other areas. More will follow in future releases.
  • The "Edit profile" page has been redesigned to improve both accessibility and security. We now require your password in order to change the email.

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