An assignment is a performance task assigned to students that requires a digital response.  The student will receive a notification for the assignment in their task block.

When creating an assignment, you can insert content and/or directions into the rich text editor.  Use the rich text editor to provide ample information to students on how to complete the assignment.  For example, you may ask them to watch a video and submit a summary.

Assignments offer the following options as seen in the image to the right.

  • Visible: If an assignment is visible, students can see it.  It is possible to make an assignment visible forever, only for a specific period of time, or not visible.
  • Deadline: When students submit their work, the assignment response will be stamped with a submission date and time.  If you choose to give students a deadline for an assignment they will have up to that point in time to submit their response.  It is also possible to allow students to submit a response after the deadline.  In that case, the date and time will be marked late. 
  • Homework: It is possible to mark an assignment as Homework.  By doing this, it adds a purple tag that says Homework to the assignment so students know it is homework.  This tag is added to the assignment, the students’ tasks block, and plans.
  • Learning objectives: must first be added to the course and then attached to the assignment. When standards are attached to an assignment, the teacher may track standards mastery.  Standards-based rubrics with assessment criteria can also be created.
  • Assessment Scale: When grading an assignment, it is important to select an assessment scale and if the assignment will be added to the grade book.
  • Peer and self assessment: allow students to assess themselves or fellow students. Since R122, teachers can also select to enable 'anonymous peer assessment'. 
  • Results: It is possible to make results of the assignment visible to the students.  Note they will only see their results, they will not see any results for other participants.
  • Group Activity: Allow students to work in groups.
  • Anonymous Submission: Disguises student names from the teacher until all grades have been calculated.  More information in the anonymous submission page.
  • Plagiarism Control: Checks for student plagiarism (subscription required.)
  • Not Mandatory: Students can view progression of a course with mandatory assignments using follow up and reports. Only visible if the Progress report is enabled for the course.

Adding Files

Files can be added to assignments by connecting to a cloud account or dragging from your computer. 

If Office for the web is enabled for your site, you can make a copy of a file attachment for each student.

If the organization's G Suite domain is connected, you can make a copy of attached Google docs for each student.


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