May 2024 Release Notes

What's new in our May 2024 release?

As we have now moved to a frequent release process, notes will be published with every release. You can find the external release notes for May below. Release information is published on these pages on Monday/Tuesday before the release is deployed on Wednesday. 

Please note that in some instances, the release day may change due to holidays or other circumstances. If you want to see which version itslearning is currently running, you can find that information at the bottom of your login page. Want to keep up-to-date with product and release information?

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2024.5.5- Released product updates

Search on username

System administrators can now allow users on their site to search on username. Especially in large organisations, this can be useful when multiple users have the same first and last name.Searching on username can be enabled under Admin>Edit global settings>Features and security with the setting 'Allow to search on username' in the Privacy section. Be aware that this applies to all roles, including students.When enabled, all users on the site are able to use the username to find users in common places, such as Messaging, the Participants page and Your students. Note that this is limited to places that use the Person Index for search. After the setting is enabled, it can take up to an hour before the username is added to this index for all users.Since this enabling this setting should be a conscious choice by the customer, it will always be disabled by default for new sites, even if the setting is enabled in the template site. 

Topic tab in table view

We have introduced a second tab for showing topic information in the table view. By default, we show the name of the topic and the plans added to the specific topic. If teachers have added extra topics fields in the plan setting page, like "description" they will also be listed. In this view teachers can create new topics, edit topic name, as well as copy and delete a topic. You can also open a plan within a topic to see detailed plan information.  


Released fixes in Itslearning-2024.5.5

Our Reference

Fixed an issue with ordering of plan resources in the play plan elements list (side menu).


After adding a registration and setting a deadline. The deadline would sometimes not show on the registration overview page.


The IMS-ES "readAllPersons" method can now be disabled in the integration configuration.


2024.5.4: Released product updates

Released fixes in itslearning-2024.5.4

Our Reference

Fixed an issue where saving a new site profile with the option "ePortfolio (Not public on the internet)" enabled, caused an error.

2024.5.3: Released product updates

Link to table view from single topic

Students that can access table view, can now navigate from single topic page to the table view. In the table view, plans will be filtered by the selected topic. This link will make it easier for students to find their relevant plans in table view.  

Released fixes in itslearning-2024.5.3
Our ReferenceSummary
ITS-90252When viewing your list of courses on the Home screen. Fixed an issue where "show more" did not work, when clicking to view more than 24 courses.
ITS-89083A change was made to prevent teachers with read-only permissions from being able to set grades in Gradebook.

2024.5.2: Released product updates

Improvements to plan sorting

We have made some improvements to how plans are listed in the tab “Without date” and in the folder “Without topic”.Without date:
When creating multiple plans without a date, the first plan you create will be listed at the top, and the newest one will be listed at the bottom. This will make it easier for teachers to use the feature “Set dates” on plans.Folder “Without topic”
The order of plans in this folder can only be changed by using drag and drop. When reorganising your plans, the new order will now be reflected in the table view.

New global content search (beta version)

In this release, we replace the global content search in the personal menu with the beta version of our new search. The benefit for users is that they can now find also plans and topics with the search tool.The new search will move out of beta over the summer, with final touches to the user interface for better user experience.

Opening table view from single topic page

To work more efficiently, teachers can now navigate from single topic page to table view. In table view, plans will be filtered by this specific topic. 


2024.5.1: Released product updates

Small improvement to play plan for student

Assignment completion will automatically be reflected in play plan's side panel as soon as an assignment is completed. Today, a student must refresh the page or navigate to the next element to see the green check mark next to an assignment in the side panel. 

Final removal of old course dashboards

The course dashboard functionality was replaced by the course overview page in a user interface upgrade in 2021. 

To allow teachers time to move their content to resources, we have kept the old dashboards available in read-only mode from the course links. A warning was provided that these dashboards would be permanently removed by the end of 2021. Due to various reasons, the removal was delayed, but in this release, they have finally been removed from the link collection.

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