Kruiswoord en Galgje

To utilize the crossword or hangman builder within your course, first you must add them to your list of available resources.

To do this, navigate to the add resources menu. Then, select the ellipsis in the upper right corner and choose ‘Browse app library.’  This will open the app library for your site. You can search for apps by name and then choose to Include this app for the app(s) you would like to add.  The app(s) you select will now reside within the add resources menu.


The crossword builder allows you to create a crossword with answers and hints.  The crossword is then automatically created.  You can add up to twenty words.  Crosswords may also be shared in the library.


The hangman app allows teachers to create simple and fun word quizzes in which the player tries to guess the letters of a word.

Teachers can add words and clues.  Images include an Elephant or Monkey.  If you select Monkey the participants will see a monkey that loses a banana every time they guess a letter wrong.  The Elephant will lose his limbs one by one.

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