Tests may be formal assessments or informal quick checks.  There are ten question types within tests and these questions may be aligned to learning objectives and categorized.  To add a test, choose the test option within your activities menu.

You will notice there are two tabs at the top of this portion: Test information and Options. 

Begin by adding a title and an introduction.  Here are a few examples as to what you might include in the introductory section:

  • Watch the following video and then answer the following questions to show what you have learned. (Embed an instructional video.)
  • Read the following selection and then complete this 5-question quiz to show your understanding. (Paste an informational paragraph into the rich text editor.)
  • This test will cover all of the material from Unit 4.  Good luck!

Once you have titled your test and included an introduction, attach learning objectives. Remember, when you add activities from plans, learning objectives from the lesson will already be attached. If you are assessing an entire unit, you may include many learning objectives.

Next, decide if you want to set a deadline and if you want students to be able to submit their response after the deadline.

You can also decide to set the task as homework so that it will have the purple Homework label.

You will also need to indicate what type of assessment you will be utilizing. Keep in mind that scores can be added to the grade book and included in a student’s overall average. If you are adding the score to the grade book, select the term and category.

Next, indicate if this is a mandatory assignment or not.  By default, since there are no questions, the test will be set to inactive. Choose “Save.”

At this point, you may begin to build your test. There are four tabs: test, test categories, questions, and reports. Begin by adding questions. There are ten question types that can be added to a test.

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