How to create a test in the new Test tool

When you create a test in the upgraded Test tool, the page below you will see:

  • Title is the title of the test, and what will appear in the list of resources, task list and assessment record. This is a mandatory field. It is plain text only, and we recommend to keep the title short, so the name of the test is easily recognizable on smaller screens such as the mobile phone.
  • Description is a text field with full rich text options. It is displayed when the student opens the test, and in the Library. This is an optional field.
  • The Create test button is not activated (green) until a title is set.
  • Click Cancel to cancel creating the test.
  • The options in the sidebar are common with other elements in itslearning, but some are specific to the Test tool as explained below:
  • If you set a deadline, and this passes while the student is taking the test, the test will be automatically submitted with any completed questions so far. There is a grace period of 5 minutes. If the student has left the test uncompleted and returns to it after the deadline is passed, the test is then submitted. Note that this leads to submission times that are after the deadline even if this is not permitted, as the submission is registered on revisiting the test. The student will NOT have had any options to change their answers after the deadline.
    If the student has left the test uncompleted and never returns to it, this is left as an "ongoing attempt".
  • Attempts is the number of attempts allowed for students. These are your options:test attempts screenshot
  • If more than one attempt is allowed, you can select which attempt (best, first or last) should count towards the final result. 
  • You can also set a limit to the time allowed for each attempt. If the student does not complete the test before the time runs out, the test is automatically submitted with any answers given so far. This happens whether the student is still actively taking the test or not, and there is no pause in the timer countdown if the student navigates away from the test.
  • Test security offers two options to reduce chances for cheating:
    • Test mode is an option to enable the Test mode browser for this test. It requires a licence. More information can be found in this link for Test mode browser.
    • Password protection lets you set a password that needs to be entered by the student before they can start a test. In case of a time limited test, the timer starts after the password is accepted.
  • Result and feedback are options to determine what the student can see at which point in the process. These options are slightly different from our previous Test tool to allow for better test security and reuse value.

When a student has completed a test, the following information related to an attempt is potentially available:

  • Assessment (grade)
  • Score (test score in points)
  • Questions
  • Student’s answers
  • Correct answers

results and feedback screenshot

  • The options available will vary depending on other settings (deadline, number of attempts). You can select when to show: 
    • The result (meaning score/assessment and any feedback to each attempt)
    • The question list and the student's answers (no marking of correct/wrong) 
    • The correct answers (the student answers are marked with green/red to indicate correct/wrong, and the correct answer is also displayed). This option is hidden if you never show the question list and the student's answer.

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