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The Test Mode Browser is a component that customers can purchase as an add-on to their itslearning license. It needs to be enabled on the site. This is done by Global Support. The Test Mode Browser can be turned on and off without any related changes. 

Setting on site:

Once enabled, the Test Mode Browser will be available in test options for the teacher regardless of the device being used by the student. Students cannot open any other browser or programs until they have completed the test. 

This is how it looks on Test 2.0, at the bottom of the test options page:

In Test 3.0, it appears in the side panel along with other options:

This will not affect material such as YouTube videos in the test description or in questions. Students will still be able to access these materials. Links to web pages will open in a new Test Mode Browser window for the students. They will NOT be able to navigate away from that original page.

Teachers will be able to review a test both with and without Test Mode Browser. 

To check the version installed on a computer:

  • Windows: check the info for the LockDown Browser .exe file.
  • Mac: run the LockDown Browser application, the version you have will be displayed in the info dialog.

*Windows/Mac: If your version is older than the minimum version required you will be alerted when you try to start the test. If that is the case, go back to the test and click "Download" to install the updated version.

Recommended practice: 

We highly recommend allowing your students to do a "test-run" before taking an important test using the Test Mode Browser so that everyone has it installed and can open tests without issues with the Test Mode Browser enabled.

Recommended systems and devices:

Test Mode Browser is supported for both Test 2.0 and Test 3.0 on ONLY the following systems and devices:

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and above
  • Windows Virtual Machine (Lab edition only)
  • Chromebooks (K12 only, Managed Chromebooks only, separate app, runs in kiosk mode)
  • iPad with iOS 11+

*Note: iPad users could experience some compatibility issues with Test 3.0, so we do not recommend using this Test version on iPads at the moment. 

Chromebook users: 

Please contact itslearning if you want to use Test Mode Browser on Chromebooks, as it requires administrator setup.

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