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The Test Mode Browser is an add-on component that customers can purchase. It needs to be enabled on the site by our Global Support team. The Test Mode Browser can be turned on and off without any related changes. 

Teachers need to click the 'Enable Test Mode Browser' setting. (If you are using the upgraded Test tool, it will appear in the side panel along with other options.)

Once enabled, the Test Mode Browser will be available in test options for the teacher regardless of the device being used by the student. Students cannot open any other browser or programs until they have completed the test. 


This will not affect material such as YouTube videos in the test description or in questions. Students will still be able to access these materials. Links to web pages will open in a new Test Mode Browser window for the students. They will NOT be able to navigate away from that original page.

Note that files most often require an application to open, and attchments will thus not work.

Teachers will be able to review a test both with and without Test Mode Browser. 

How it works:

  • Tests are displayed full-screen and cannot be minimized
  • Browser menu and toolbar options are removed, except for Back, Forward, Refresh and Stop
  • Prevents access to other applications including messaging, screen-sharing, virtual machines, and remote desktops
  • Printing and screen capture functions are disabled
  • Copying and pasting anything to or from an assessment is prevented
  • Right-click menu options, function keys, keyboard shortcuts and task switching are disabled
  • A test cannot be exited until the student submits it for grading
  • Tests that are set up for use with Test Mode Browser cannot be accessed with other browsers

To determine which version is installed on a computer:

  • Windows: Check the info for the LockDown Browser .exe file.
  • Mac: Run the LockDown Browser application, the version you have will be displayed in the info dialog.

*Windows/Mac: If your version is older than the minimum version required you will be alerted when you try to start the test. If that is the case, go back to the test and click "Download" to install the updated version.

Recommended practice: 

We highly recommend allowing your students to do a "test-run" before taking an important test using the Test Mode Browser so that everyone has it installed and can open tests without issues with the Test Mode Browser enabled.

Recommended systems and devices:

Test Mode Browser is supported for both the older Test tool and the upgraded Test tool on ONLY the following systems and devices:

  • Windows 10 and 11
  • Mac OS X 10.12 and above
  • Windows Virtual Machine (Lab edition only)
  • Chromebooks with ChromeOS 88 and above (K12 only, Managed Chromebooks only, separate app, runs in kiosk mode)
  • iPad with iOS 11+ (separate app)

*Note: iPad users could experience some compatibility issues with the upgraded Test tool. 

Chromebook users:

Please contact itslearning if you want to use Test Mode Browser on Chromebooks, as it requires administrator setup.


Available for entire site

If the Test Mode Browser is activated for your site, it will be made available for the entire site - it is not possible to limit the use to individual schools (hierarchies).

It is not possible to use the "copy and paste" function when using the Test Mode Browser.

Virtual machines

For security reasons relating to the possibility of "switching" to the host operating system or another operating system, the Test Mode Browser usually does not run when an application for virtual machines (such as VMWare, Parallels, Citrix or MS Virtual PC / Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) or a Windows emulator (Linux Wine, CodeWeavers CrossOver, etc.) is found. The Test Mode Browser is also not supported for clients with modified or stripped versions of Windows.

Virus alerts

Some users have reported that their antivirus software warns that the Test Mode Browser is infected. 

If a student reports that the Test Mode Browser is "infected", check the security for the antivirus software. If it is set very high, it could mark the few changes that the Test Mode Browser makes to the Windows group security policy as a "threat" at system startup. Since there is no actual threat, this is considered a "hoax". To prevent this, you can set LockDown Browser OEM.exe (Windows) or LockDown Browser [.app] (Macintosh) as a "trusted application" with the address of the school's study management system server as a "trusted site" or add something similar in another security software. 

Power supply and proper shutdown

Improper shutdown of the computer while using the Test Mode Browser can cause problems when using the computer later. Do not just close the laptop cover. Do not do a "hard" restart of the computer. If using a laptop, make sure that all students have a fully charged battery or that the power cord is connected. Always complete the test in the prescribed manner first; this will minimize the chance of such problems.


  • The Chromebook version updates automatically.
  • The iPad version updates automatically as long as the device is set to update apps automatically. Otherwise it can be done manually from App Store.
  • The Windows and Mac Ad Hoc versions (student versions) are updated manually by using the download link provided inside the test tool. If the computer has an older version installed, the user will be prompted to update upon starting the test.
  • The Windows LAB version is updated by administrators, and the install file is distributed by itslearning support.

For Windows and Mac, itslearning generally updates the version about once a year, trying to avoid exam periods. We make exceptions for critical updates.

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