Outlook integration - Paid add-on


This is a paid add-on. Please contact your itslearning key account manager if you want more information.

The Outlook integration makes it easy to see the number of unread emails from itslearning and to send emails to a user's Outlook directly from itslearning.

This integration will not provision Microsoft accounts. As a prerequisite, users need to have their Microsoft account as email address in their user profile. Best practice is that these email addresses are set via an integration, for example via IMS E or IMS ES.

Enabling the Outlook integration for your site

When the site setting is enabled, an additional setting will appear on the Microsoft tab (under Admin>Edit global settings>Cloud services).

For the integration to work, itslearning needs to be given certain permissions on the Microsoft 365 tenant. For this, consent needs to be given to the enterprise application 'itslearning Outlook integration'. This can be done by the Microsoft 365 tenant administrator.

ScenarioNext step
You have access to the Microsoft 365 tenant administrator accountClick 'Log in as tenant administrator' and in the window that opens, log in with this account
Someone else has access to the Microsoft 365 tenant administrator accountFollow the instructions below

If the system administrator is not the tenant administrator

Before you can connect to the tenant, the tenant administrator needs to install the enterprise application 'itslearning Outlook integration' following these steps:

  • Open https://login.microsoftonline.com/common/adminconsent?client_id=289c11bd-5664-43c9-9284-b6377d38011c 
  • Log in as tenant administrator
  • Give consent to the required permissions by clicking Accept
  • You might get an error about redirecting to platform.itslearning.com, but that can be ignored
  • To check if the app has been added, go to https://aad.portal.azure.com and look for it under Enterprise applications.

When the app has been added and consent has been given, the itslearning system administrator can connect the tenant to itslearning. This can be done by clicking 'Connect tenant' and logging in with a regular account on the Microsoft 365 tenant

Outlook icon in top menu

When the email is validated, the user will see a new icon in the top menu. The badge on this icon will show the number of unread emails in Outlook. Clicking on this icon will open Outlook in a new tab.

Sending an email to course participants

From the course participants page, users can send an email to all course participants (with an email address in their profile).

Clicking this button will open a new page where the email can be written.

Note: it is possible to disable internal messaging if you exclusively want to use the Outlook email. 

Checking connected Microsoft account

For both system administrators as well as individual users an addition menu option becomes available when the integration is enabled. It allows users to see which Microsoft account is used for the Outlook integration, and if the integration is active or this user. In older versions of the Outlook integration, it is also possible that itslearning creates the Microsoft accounts for users, and there are additional features needed for system administrators and users to manage the integration on user level. But when using the Azure enterprise application to connect a tenant to itslearning, these menu options are primarily informative.

As administrator

As administrator you can check the connected account via the option Manage Microsoft 365.  You can see which Microsoft account is used for the Outlook integration both as administrator as well as individual user.

It is also possible to see this status for an individual user on the Office 365 tab when editing a user via Users and Access rights.

As individual user

Each user can see the connected Microsoft account by clicking "Your Microsoft 365 accounts" in their personal settings.

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