Connecting Microsoft cloud services to itslearning

This document explains how you can connect your Microsoft cloud services to itslearning. 

1. Log in to itslearning as system administrator and go to Admin >> Edit Global settings >> Cloud services.
Image cloud services in General settings tab

2. Click on the Microsoft tab  

All settings on the page are grouped in 3 sections:

  • File upload
  • Office for the web
  • Microsoft 365 for Education

screenshot microsoft tab cloud

You can use the built-in Office for the web integration without a Microsoft 365 license. 

But, if your organization has its own Microsoft 365 tenant, the itslearning system administrator can choose to use the Office editors of this tenant instead of the ones offered by itslearning. This will allow you to use any Office add-on that your organization has acquired.

If you use Office for the web from your own tenant, users do need to log on with a Microsoft account from your tenant when editing files from itslearning, if they aren't already logged into the browser. 

Note: Users do not need to log on to view a file in itslearning.

There are a couple of integrations that are only available if you have a Microsoft 365 license.

  1. Embed documents from Microsoft 365 - Keeps the documents saved on the Microsoft 365 tenant, while they can be viewed in itslearning
  2. Add documents from SharePoint and Microsoft Teams sites - Allows teachers (and students) to collaborate on Microsoft 365 documents and upload or embed the result in itslearning. This requires the tenant administrator to give consent to the itslearning File picker app (see below)
  3. Microsoft Teams Meetings: Teachers can create and link to a Microsoft Teams meeting anywhere in itslearning where the text editor is available, for example in the Calendar event description.

           Using MS Teams to create meetings in itslearning and Fronter 19 (Teacher Resource)

To allow users to add documents from a SharePoint or Microsoft Teams site, consent needs to be given on behalf of the organization by the tenant administrator. 

Here's how to connect. 

  • Log in from itslearning as tenant administrator. The itslearning administrator should also have access to the tenant administrator account. You can then give consent on behalf of the organization;
  • Connect tenant: The tenant administrator has installed and given consent to the itslearning File picker app from the Enterprise Applications gallery. The itslearning administrator only needs to log on with a regular account from that tenant to 'connect' itslearning with the tenant of the organisation. As part of this process, there is a check if the itslearning File picker app has indeed been added for the organisation.

To give install and give consent to the app from within Microsoft 365:

  1. Open the Azure Active Directory admin center;
  2. Click on Enterprise applications
  3. Click on New application
  4. Using the search field, search for 'itslearning File picker'
  5. From the search results, click on the app and in the menu that opens, click Add
  6. Once the app is installed, click on Enterprise applications again and open the app from the list
  7. Click on the page the opens on Permissions
  8. As last step, click 'Grant admin consent for ...'.

You will have to log in with your tenant administrator account to finish the process.

Once consent is given, the itslearning administrator can connect itslearning to the tenant using the 'Connect tenant' button. 

screenshot itslearning MS365 picker

3. Click Save

Microsoft cloud services (Office for the web and Microsoft 365) are now connected to itslearning. 

Teachers can now add worksheets and make a copy of Microsoft documents for students directly in Assignments. 

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