Using MS Teams in itslearning and Fronter 19

Many teachers are using live conferencing tools to create more dynamic lessons and engage students - especially in the case of remote learning.

The Microsoft Teams Meetings plugin is directly available in the toolbar of our rich text editor.

You can add a MS Teams meeting anywhere in itslearning and Fronter 19 that has a rich text editor for instance assignments, or note. (Your system administrator must first 'allow users to create MS Teams meetings from the rich text editor' for you to be able to do so). You can also copy and insert the meeting link in a calendar event and in Plans.  

Here's what you need to get started:

Office 365 for Business/Education account

You cannot create a meeting with your personal account - you will get an error message if you try to do this.

A MS Teams meeting can accommodate up to 250 users. Added links will be valid for 60 days.

Watch the video

Create a meeting 

Click on the Teams icon in the rich text editor

A neat trick to prevent students from muting the teacher is to select 'Only me' under 'Who can present'. You can do this when creating the meeting. Click on the 'More Options' button to change the default under Meeting Options.  

This option is only available to anyone who has "Allow HTML Code Level" at less restricted or higher. What this means is that if you don't want students to create MS Teams meetings, their HTML Code Level must be "Restricted" or lower. 

When you first sign in, you need to give permissions to the plugin to create a meeting in Microsoft Teams. If this is restricted because of organization policies, the Office 365 tenant administrator needs to give consent on behalf of the organization. This can be done by clicking this link and signing in as the tenant administrator. If you don't know who you tenant administrator is, please contact your itslearning administrator.

Once created, the meeting does not appear anywhere else in Office 365 - for example, it will not show up on Outlook. Meetings can only be joined via the provided link. 

How to join a meeting

  • Click the provided link 
  • Anyone signed into Office 365 can start the meeting. This is not restricted to the user who created the meeting.
  • By default you do not need an O365 account to join the meeting (Check with your school if this is allowed). 

Anonymous users

If anonymous users want to join a meeting, they must first fill in a name. 

If users without an account have joined prior to the start of the meeting, they will need to be admitted by a logged in user. If the meeting has already started, they will be automatically admitted. 


You need to install the Microsoft Teams app to join the meeting on mobile devices. When clicking on the link, the meeting will start in the MS Teams app.

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