Using ZOOM video conferencing in itslearning

ZOOM provides remote conferencing services that combine video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. An educational institution (itslearning site) that wants to use this service needs a contract with ZOOM for an educational package.

Once your sys admin has added ZOOM via LTI the app will now be available in the App library and can be added to a course.

ZOOM integration in a course

  1. Add ZOOM from the app library as LTI Pro module extension 
  2. Set up on the Developer tab, as a resource to a course  

ZOOM app in a course

Create a new ZOOM Virtual classrooms meeting

Schedule a new meeting and Copy Invitation 

The invitation can be sent through internal; messaging system (via copy and paste) or regular e-mail.
Students don't need a license; they only receive an invitation but won't be able to setup a meeting.

Example of an Invitation to a ZOOM online Classroom through messaging in itslearning. 



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