Release 135 External Release Notes

What's new in our latest release?


Reorganize Plans Within a Topic

Now, teachers can easily change the order of plans within a topic. Either drag and drop to change the order or use the keyboard (space to select and arrow keys to move).



New planner - See full learning objective

Teachers can add learning objectives to their plans. By default, one line of the learning objective is shown, but when clicking/tapping on it the complete title and description are displayed. 



Quickly Assigning Pages to Students and Groups

Teachers often need to set separate work or exercises for different students based on their abilities. We have added a new assign-to-side panel to the page tool, so teachers can easily assign a page to all participants.


Other Changes

  • Teachers can delete a whole thread of updates from the 360-degree reports in one go.
  • To aid clarity, the 'friendly' course name is displayed rather than the official course title (which may be a course code) when reporting potential abuse in messages.
  • Users will now get a confirmation dialogue when trying to permanently delete items from the trash can in courses and projects. This will help avoid accidental deletion of content.
  • The updated Immersive reader version will by default use the same language as selected in itslearning.
  • Accessibility improvements have been made to the play plan, calendar, course cards and course overview.

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