Release 127 Release Notes

What's new in our latest release?

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Teachers can now copy one or multiple topics to other courses or within the same course. This can include plan dates and connected resources and activities as well the assessment criteria. The default is to copy connected resources and activities, but you can choose to only copy the plan structure.  



When copying plans you can choose to keep existing topics. This means that when copying a plan to a course with other topics, you can choose to either keep the existing topic or to connect it to another topic in that course. 



Teachers can now easily reorganize topics. They can use either drag and drop or their keyboard to change the topic order. Note, keyboard users will have to press "space" to select and move an item, this is to avoid conflict with screen readers and improve accessibility.

Teachers can add a date to their plan to connect it to an existing course event in calendar. Students will see the plan card in the calendar event. They can easily jump to the plan and then back again to the calendar.



Other Great Updates

  • Teachers using tablets are now able to reorganize course resources using drag & drop and keyboard navigation. This improves tablet experience and overall accessibility. 
  • It is now possible to limit the sharing of ePortfolios so that they are only visible in your school. Previously, the portfolio was automatically shared across the entire site, which - depending on the customer- might include several schools. Additionally, admins can now choose to allow or disallow students to add their email address to their ePortfolio. This means students can share their ePortfolios, but without sharing their emails.
  • We have changed the way the notification number next to the 'bell' work to make it easier to understand. The bell counter used to show the number of unread personal notifications. Now the bell counter will show the number of new personal notifications received after the last check. We will still show the read/unread status for each notification as before. This change will be for both desktop and mobile notifications.
  • Not long after this release there will be an update to the new test tool. Teachers can add an image to an answer alternatives in multiple choice questions. You can drag and drop an image or upload from your device. You will be encouraged to add a description that can be read by screen readers as an alternative to actually seeing the image.

IMS LTI Advantage Certification

itslearning has been certified as complaint with the LTI Advantage interoperability standard by the IMS group. This means that there are now more opportunities to integrate applications into itslearning in a seamless and secure way, providing educators and students with endless possibilities to get more content and tools that make educational workflows easier.

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