Toets - Opties

When you edit a test, you will have the opportunity to change the test options. To edit a test, click the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner, and select Edit test settings. Then, select the options tab.

Within these options, there are five main categories:

  1. Scoring method
    • With penalty penalizes participants with a negative score if an answer is incorrect on a question. This option may prevent the participants from guessing for correct answers.
    • Without penalty does not penalize for incorrect answers. Only correct answers are rewarded.
  2. Criteria for completion
    • You can set a percentage that a student must attain to receive a 'Completed' status on a test.
    • Display questions in random order allows for random assignment of questions. If you create a test with 100 questions and only assign 20 questions for students to complete, they may all receive a completely different test!
  3. Question navigation: There are three navigation options: forward only, free navigation, and show all questions on one page.
  4. Attempts: You can set the number of attempts in which a student may take a test, which score will count, and how long the student has to complete the test.
  5. Results and feedback:
    • On questions: Provides feedback after every question. Here you can define your own feedback messages that appear if: the answer is correct, the answer is partially correct, or the answer is incorrect
    • On alternatives: Provides feedback after every alternative. You must add a feedback message manually to each alternative when you add a question.
    • No feedback: No feedback is shown.

The test mode browser is an add-on that 'locks down' a student's computer while the student is taking a test. Using this option, students cannot open any other browser windows or applications. The students must remain in test mode until they finish the test. The test mode browser is designed for a computer lab setting (i.e.: Windows or Mac OS) and will not function on mobile devices.

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