Release 111 January 2020 Notes

What's New

Doing More with Google resources 

  • Larger, clearer preview to better view documents added from Google Drive
  • Full-screen edit with one click in Courses and the All-In-One Grader
  • Plagiarism report for individual student answers submitted from Google Drive even if plagiarism control has not been enabled for the assignment (for customers using a plagiarism add-on)
  • Add Google docs to Learning Paths. Just select recently updated documents on Google Drive.
  • Similarly, add Google resources to a calendar event.

image gif of a book report

New 360° Summary

New Resource Summary report (in the 360° tab) shows how students use course content – how many have accessed each resource and time spent on each resource. Useful for refining course resources.

Improvements for large courses

  • More than 600 students – instead of the student list view, search for any student by name to view their 360° reports
  • Summary of large courses is hidden in the Mentor 360° report view, so that the page loads up faster
  • More than 1300 students – “time spent on task” in the new Resources Summary is hidden to improve load speed

gif of 360 report

Note: The Resource Summary only appears if your school/organization has activated 360° reports.

Better workflow on projects

  • Students can now access and collaborate using built-in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • The new ‘File or Folder’ tool supports resources from cloud services (such as Google or O365)
  • Copying/moving files between projects/groups and courses is supported
  • The project/groups management page for administrators now matches the course management page
  • The language, search box and layout has been optimized to help administrators better set-up and manage projects/groups

image showing collaborative files in Resources

School as sender

Set ‘school’ as the sender in Mass messaging, so recipients know that the message is coming from their organization.

  • If the message is only sent to members of one school, then the school will be the sender of the message
  • If the message is sent to members from multiple schools, you can choose which school to identify as the ‘sender’
  • You can now see the percentage of recipients who have read the message

Course Cards

Easier for teachers to customize course cards.

  • Hide teachers on the card
  • Display multiple teachers on course cards
  • Redefined color palette
  • Teachers will see ‘New announcements’ on their course cards when students/colleagues share an update in their courses. This will only appear in ‘starred courses’

gif customizing course cards

Home page updates

If you are using the new purple background home page (determined by your System Administrator) you can now choose which tab to see first – ‘Updates’ or ‘Courses’. You can always change the view later in ‘personal settings’.

Friendly Name

Friendly names make it easier for students to identify their courses.
These names will now be displayed in:

  • The calendar
  • Course participant page
  • follow-up tasks
  • assessment record/grade book
  • parent dashboard (behavior, tasks, events and course list)
  • teachers and admins will also see the friendly name when adding an announcement in multiple course

image course friendly name

For clarity both the official course name and the friendly name are shown in the course card settings page. 


  • Instructors can now disable attendance tracking directly in the Attendance tool (Course Overview >> Status and follow-up >> Attendance)
  • Instructors can also remove all attendance for an event from the same view

Even More

  • A larger editing box in Pages.
  • Teachers can now choose whether to clear or keep dates in Plans when making a copy of the course template. Previously, dates were always cleared.
  • Students will be notified if they cannot send messages to staff who have messages disabled. This was previously only available to staff. Note: Students will not be informed if other students have messages disabled.
  • Students with access to a SharePoint/MS Teams site will now see “Office 365” instead of “OneDrive” when adding an assignment answer from Office 365.
  • Administrators have the option to turn on/off all 360° reports (Admin >> Edit global settings >> Features and security).
  • New, more accessible tree link selector (used to add any resource that is already connected to the Course) when adding information to the planner, calendar events and Tests.
  • Recurring events in the Calendar – choose to edit one specific event, or all future events in the series.
  • The announcement icon on the Course Overview page and in Notifications is now consistent across itslearning.
  • We have extended the data warehouse with ‘Workload’ and “Midterm” results.

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