Release 100 Notes

All-in-One Grader

The All-in-One Grader allows teachers to view and assess assignment answers in one go.

It lets you provide rich feedback to learners, all from ONE SCREEN. It’s got a super smooth navigation, so you can quickly step through each student’s work.

It works with Google Docs, Office Online and itslearning’s own document viewer to directly show the submitted document. If students have submitted a multimedia file, for example a video, it can quickly be played.

Depending on their preferences, teachers can use scores, grades, assessment scales or even rubrics to assess the answer. In addition rich text feedback, which can include video or audio recordings, can be provided.

Learn more about the All-in-One Grader

New Media Recorder

Audio and video feedback has always been an important part of teaching and learning. We’ve added a new Flash-free audio/video recorder based on HTML5 and WebRTC.

The new media recorder is completely plugin free, works on mobile devices and is available in the rich text editor across itslearning.

That’s not all! We’ve also improved our existing Flash-based media recorder: take your pick. Now you have more opportunities to teach, learn, and collaborate, regardless of what device you use.

Have you ever wondered what your course looks like to students?

This new feature will show you! The “view as” menu is located on the top right of your screen.

When you choose to ‘view as’ a profile other than your own, a blue banner will appear at the top of the page. The banner informs teachers that they are viewing the course as another role, and that’s why editing options are missing.

Learn more about Viewing Courses as a Different User Type

File Uploader Improvements

Improved File Upload Experience

In order to clarify the difference between 'upload' and 'link', there will now only be one column called 'Add from'.

For OneDrive, you can still choose whether you want to upload or link to the file, but this choice has been moved to the upload dialog. By default we will link to the file, so that changes made on OneDrive are reflected in itslearning, but the user can choose 'Upload a copy to itslearning'.

For Google, we will always link to the file to ensure that the file can be viewed with Google’s own document viewers.

The cloud options in this column can be enabled or disabled by the administrator. (Note that the option to upload a whole folder is only available in the File or Folder element.)

Enabling File or Folder for all customers

To ensure that all customers get the new and improved file upload experience, we´re enabling “File and Folder” for all customers when adding course resources, replacing “File and Link”. New customers and customers who have already started to use “File or Folder” will not notice any changes, but for customers who have been using the “File or Link” element, the following changes will be made:

  1. The File or Link element will be replaced with the “File or Folder” element on the course Add page
  2. A new “Link” element will appear on the course Add page

Customers who have been using “File or Link” will now experience more consistency when uploading files in itslearning. 

Please note: Customers who still use the old file element will now get two “File” elements on their add page. 

Assignment: Improvements for Files

We have made improvements to the way files are added, presented and how file actions can be executed.

Adding files

When creating or answering an assignment, the new file uploader will be available.

Viewing files

Clicking the file name will open the file. All other actions can be found under the button to the right of the file name.

For example, when Office Online is enabled, teachers can edit and comment on the document that students have submitted. If the teacher changes too much or deletes part of the content by accident,  they now have the option ‘View last submitted version’. This is not the primary action, as it is only really needed in specific cases. That’s why this action can now be found under the button. This will make it easier to understand what the primary action is.

Learning Path Improvements

Show content in tree menu

Learning Path content is now visible in the tree menu. This is done for two reasons:

  • Sometimes you want to make changes to a resource in the Learning Path. Now users can open a resource by clicking on its name in the tree menu as well as by clicking on its name in the step.
  • By showing the resources of a Learning Path in the tree menu, it is made clearer that if you delete the learning path, you will also – like a regular folder – delete its contents

Save your content when you delete a Learning Path

If there are resources in a Learning Path, we now offer the alternative to turn the Learning Path into a regular folder if the user deletes it.

Assessment Tool Plus

Stay hyper-focused and grade quickly using our Assessment Tool Plus. To improve the teacher grading experience, the Assessment Tool Plus has been re-factored to load more content on one page with a faster page load time.

Tooltips appear in column headers and cells to provide more insight on content. Accessibility improvements have been added to ensure screen reading accuracy and enhance keyboard navigation.

Clearer feedback when sharing 3rd party content to library

Using IMS LTI you can embed LTI Deep Content links into the rich text editor. The editor is part of tools that can be shared in the library, such as assignment or page. This means that teachers from a school with a license to use a 3rd party tool may share it with schools who do not have a license. Rather than strip out the content or stop sharing we have decided to inform teachers reusing the content of a potential problem, and remind them they may be able to copy the tool and remove the 3rd party plugin or replace it with a licensed version.

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