Release 98 Notes

Peer assessments for collaborative learning

Learning is a collaborative process. Peer assessment is a powerful pedagogical tool that puts students in the role of educators, giving them a more complete and thorough understanding of the material, while saving teachers’ time and giving students voice and choice. For detailed information, check out this video from our Product team.

Working portfolios work better

Now, teachers and students can create Files directly in the Working portfolio. Students can also transfer a copy of Files from their Working portfolio to the Assessment portfolio. Site administrators can determine if About me and Blog should be available all ePortfolios, by going to Admin > Edit global settings > Features and security.

Reports are even easier to use

It’s now even easier to get access to all the insight that comes with 360 reports. We’ve improved how they’re sorted in a number of ways:

  • Feedback when there’s no data to show – instead of empty graphs, you’ll get feedback on the course as a whole.
  • Filter by element type in the grade details page – get more insight into which elements are the best understood
  • Sort by activity summary, progress summary or grade progress – whatever information you need, right at your fingertips

Deep-Linking Support for LTI

As part of our ongoing commitment to interoperability with 3rd parties, we are improving how we work with LTI 1.1 and adding support for IMS LTI Deep Linking in modules. This will allow us to work with more tool and content providers.

Now, you can use IMS LTI Deep Linking to insert content from 3rd parties into the WYSIWYG editor. For example, you can insert videos from Kaltura into assignments, notes, pages and many other places. You can link to 3rd party tools, such as the Kaltura Media Gallery, directly from itslearning menus. Want to explore the power of IMS LTI Deep Linking in itslearning? Please reach out to your itslearning consultant or contact person, and they will be happy to set it up for you. Once configured it is ready for your school to use.

Prevent abuse of the messaging system

Learning is social, but sometimes the same tools that allow for crucial communication are misused for bullying and negativity. To combat this, and to make sure itslearning remains inclusive and supportive, we’ve made some improvements to our messaging safety. Now, we’ve enabled the ability for students to “report” an abusive comment. Teachers are then alerted and can take appropriate action. Students can also block other students who have posted abusive messages.  For now this feature is by default disabled. Please reach out to your itslearning support contact to have it enabled.

Create new learning objectives on the fly

It is now easier than ever to create your own custom learning objectives when you are writing on your plan, adding assignments or assigning tasks. When opening the “Add learning objective” dialog, a new button is now available to create course-level objectives. For now this feature is by default disabled. Please reach out to your itslearning support contact to have it enabled.

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