Release 93 Notes

Test-mode browser now available on iPads

You can now take tests in test-mode on iPads. Students are required to install the test-mode browser app before taking tests. This is easy: Simply click the download link in the test and we’ll guide the student through the setup.

Please note that:

  • The rich-text editor is disabled when running a test in the test-mode browser app.
  • The “Start test” link expires after 60 seconds, so if the installation of the app takes more than 60 seconds, the students will get an error. If this happens, go back to the test in itslearning and start again.

Planner improvements

Quick file uploading from your computer

We’ve made it easier to upload files from your computer and connect it to a plan. When you click Add resource you’ll now see a new “Computer” option.

Better navigation for students

With this new menu option, students can now easily find a specific part or resource in a plan.

Showing times in Plans overview

If you create a plan that spans over less than a day – for example a lesson – we now also show the hour in the Plans overview.

Topics now disabled by default

We’ve seen that Topics in plans sometimes are confusing to new users. Because of this, topics will no longer be enabled by default for new sites. Existing sites won’t notice any difference.

It is however possible to change the default for new courses in Admin > Edit global settings > Set default course settings > Topics.

Topics and the trashcan

When deleted, topics are now added to the trashcan of the course, just like plans and other course content.

Note that when a folder has been created for the deleted topic, this folder will be deleted as well. The other way around, if you delete the topic folder the topic will also be deleted.

Better collaboration in course templates

Recently we made it possible to move course content into the library when sharing the course as a template. To make sure that all course designers can continue to update the course after its content has been moved into the library, we’ve introduced a new option when sharing the course as a template: Add course teachers as co-author. With this option, all content that is added to the library from this course will have a special kind of co-author.

Additions to learning objective report in Advanced reporting

We’ve extended the depth of information shown in the Learning objectives alignment report in Advanced reporting. The report now shows how many topics in a plan a specific learning objective was added to.

Updated ePortfolio skin

The Navy ePortfolio skin has been modernized and is now mobile friendly.

Notification letters improvements

Individual attendance, assessment and behavior letters now includes information about who have opened the letter. Teachers and mentors can use this information to easily see whether a student and/or their parents/guardians have opened individual letters in various areas of itslearning.

For assessment letters, a new column named “Opened by” is created in the Letters section of the course assessment details page to show whether a letter has been opened.

LTI improvements

LTI Tools in courses now follow the same copying rules as other course resource extensions. You can now copy:

  • LTI Tools from resources in one course to another
  • plans with LTI Tools from one course to another
  • LTI Tools when applying a Course template with LTI Tools

New order in the course menu

To improve the workflow for students, we’ve changed the order of the items in courses menu. The new order will be Overview – Plans – Resources.

Course names now available in tooltip
If a course has a long name the whole name will not show at the course page. To make it easier for students to see the full course name we’ve now introduced tooltips for course names.

Allowed HTML code level in the rich text editor

We’ve updated the list of allowed HTML code that can be used in the Source feature in the rich-text editor. Read the updated list here:

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