Survey results


Once your respondents start answering your survey, the list of responses is populated. It will show both ongoing and submitted responses, and a time stamp of how long ago it was submitted. Ongoing responses will also say how long ago they were started.

Screenshot of the itslearning survey tool, "Responses" tab is opened. List of responses, checkbox for each row and a button to delete responses. Each row contains the respondent, date of submission and a note in case of ongoing responses or late submissions.

From this list, you are allowed to:

  • Open a submitted (completed) response to see the details
  • Delete a submitted response
  • Delete an ongoing response

If you allow submission of the survey after the deadline, late submissions will be marked in the "Note" column.


In the summary tab you can find a summary of all the submitted responses, by question. This will show you how many responses there are in total, but also responses per question, so you can easily identify if some questions were left unanswered by one or more respondents.

Screenshot of the survey tool in itslearning, "Summary" tab is open. On the top is a link to download the responses to Excel, then the results of each question is listed in a format depending on the question type.


In the summary tab there is an option to download all the responses as an excel file. This is a complete export of the survey, where all the questions are listed in one sheet and all the responses in another. The format is similar to the result export in the test tool, and allows you to perform your own statistics, create graphs etc. 

Extra user information is also supported in the export for non-anonymous surveys.

Screenshot of an excel spreadsheet which is the export of the responses to a survey. The second sheet is selected, showing a list of all the responses with details for each of them.

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