LTI Tool and integrations

LTI is short for Learning Tools Interoperability and allows for seamless connection of web-based applications and content hosted in other platforms.  As an itslearning user, you can use LTI integration to connect apps that support LTI. While itslearning does not supply the apps, it facilitates their use in the platform.

LTI apps can be added from Activities (you can access Activities either via Plans or by clicking on the Course Resources tab) if LTI tool it has been enabled by your system administrator. 

When you choose this option, first add an appropriate title.

You will then see two tabs, Settings and XML.  The tab you use depends on the settings of LTI app.

When you have found an LTI app to use, determine if you need to use the Settings or XML tab. 

In the settings tab, enter the link provided by the vendor.  If the LTI app requires a license or subscription, an application key (consumer key) or shared secret must be provided by the vendor.  The fields for XML are similar and include a configuration link and XML code.

You can assess LTI links as well.

Follow the steps in the image and click 'Save'. You will then be able to use your app linked via LTI to itslearning.  

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