R144 External Release Notes

What's new in our December 2023 Release?

This release shows improvements to the planner, the 360º report, and the new participants page, as well as several quality of life improvements across the platform. 

Quality of Life Improvements

  • We have updated the look and feel of the pages for using/applying course templates. They are now more readable, but the workflow remains the same.
  • We have made some improvements to the way a user can search for course participants. Previously, it was possible to filter search results by, for example, the organisation or profile, but that always required the user to first enter text. Now, it is also possible to use the search filters alone.
  • You can now print the participant list from the ‘Actions’ menu. Note that this will print all participants in the course.
  • Groups are now ordered alphabetically while browsing the organisational structure (or hierarchy) when adding members or groups. 
  • Teachers can now choose to print their plans when using the table view. They can print visible and invisible plans. When printing a plan that is not visible to students, resources and activities that are deactivated will also be printed.
  • On the plan settings page, teachers can specify if they want class hours to be added to their plans. With this release, class hours will also be shown in the table view.
  • The Group column is no longer limited to one line. If there are many groups a participant is a member of, or if these groups have long names, they will run over several lines. This way, no information is cut off.
  • When a course is managed via integration, there is a profile setting called "Manage participants and groups when the course is synchronised" that determines if a teacher is allowed to add or remove participants from that course. One of the options for this setting is "Only manually added participants," which allows teachers to add and remove those participants. Teachers cannot remove participants who are added to the course via integration. We now also apply this setting to organisation groups added to the course via integration.
  • Previously, the 360 reports were limited to students. System administrators can now choose to include all course profiles on the Activity tab of the 360 reports. This can be enabled if the organisation's practise also requires insight into a teacher's, guest's, or other profile's engagement. Earlier, information about when a user last visited the course was visible on the old Participants page. You can find the setting to include all course profiles on the Activity tab of the 360 reports under Admin>Edit global settings>Features and security in the 360 Reports section.
  • When clicking on the last visited column, the sorting is now initially descending, meaning that the students that most recently visited the course are at the top.
  • We have made some improvements to the performance of the 360 report. These improvements have allowed us to increase the maximum number of participants that can be shown from 600 to 1000.
  • To help prevent accidental permanent mass deletion of users, courses, or projects from the site trash can, we have made changes to the confirmation dialogue. If more than one item is to be deleted, the administrator is asked to type in the word 'delete' to confirm and activate the 'Delete' button. In the confirmation header, we will also display the number of items earmarked for deletion.

Migration of Content from old "File element" Tool

For over a year, we have had an end-of-life notice in the old file element tool, which is only enabled for a few of itslearning sites. In mid-January 2024, we will remove this tool from the 'Add' page of a course. However, we will migrate all existing files to the 'File or Folder' tool.

Accessibility improvements

We have improved the accessibility of the test tool with more descriptive labels and many other improvements.

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