R139 External Release Notes

What's new in our April 2023 Release?

This release sees many quality of life improvements across itslearning.

Improvements when Creating a Course

We recently updated the 'Add course' page. In preparation for the new school year, we are making it possible to quickly change the terms included in a template (e.g. when you copy an existing course from a previous year). It is now also easier to read course names.

Geo Tag Automatically Removed from Uploaded Images

When uploading images/videos from some devices the GPS data 'geo tag' was embedded. Since this GPS data could be accidentally included we now automatically remove it. This applies to the formats jpeg, tiff and mp4.

Preventing Deactivation of Ongoing Tests

To ensure that students are able to work on their tests without disruptions, we have over time adjusted rules related to settings for visibility, deadline and time limit. We have now solved an issue where teachers could use the toggle in 'Resources' to deactivate tests while someone was taking it. This is now prevented, and the teacher will be shown feedback explaining this.

New Planner Improvements

To better control what information students will see when opening a course, teachers can now pin a plan on the course overview page. Teachers can pin a plan in single plan page, by opening the 3-dot menu in the top right corner.

To work more efficiently, teachers can assign dates to multiple plans. This feature can be found in the “Actions” menu.

Accessibility improvements

  • We have updated the rich text editor so users can set the language for parts of the text. This allows screen readers to read the information in the correct language.
  • In this release we have improved accessibility for profile cards, calendar, login page, parent cards, course cards, forgotten password page, course page and course overview. These changes are not always noticeable, but make itslearning more accessible for screen readers or keyboard only navigation.

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