Release 128 External Release Notes

What's new in our latest release?

Tasks in Calendar

Students can now see the tasks they need to complete on a day in the calendar. This will give them a better overview of what is expected of them on a given day or week. The tasks, such as assignments, tests, tasks, etc., will be displayed as a circle at the top of a day. If a task is complete, a check will be shown in the circle. When clicking on a task, a window will open with all tasks due that day, grouped by course. Selecting a task will open it in a full-screen window so the student can fully focus on their work. Closing the window will bring them back to the calendar. When a task is completed, it will immediately be checked.


  • Teachers can now specify in which order their plans without a date should be listed. They can either use drag and drop or their keyboard to reorganise their list. Keyboard users press "Space" to select and move an item.
  • Week numbers have been included when adding dates to plans.

Sharing Link/Files 

It is now easier to allocate Link or Files to individual students or one or more course groups using the 'Assign to' feature. This helps personalise what resources they can see and use. Educators can also connect Learning Objectives to a Link resource.

Other Changes 

  • Educators can now easily delete a message (or attachment) sent as individual messages to a larger group of recipients. It is now possible to delete those without going into each individual conversation. 
  • When an external tool sends progress back to itslearning via LTI, we show the progress together with the resource card.
  • As part of our ongoing commitment to accessibility we have made improvements to more than a dozen areas across itslearning, such as personal menu image with alternative text, and the date picker which now can be navigated correctly by keyboard. 

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