New Planner

There is a a new planner in itslearning and Fronter 19! The old planner will be supported for another year, and educators can switch back and forth between the old and new planner without losing any content. 

Note: We will continue to add new features and functionality to the new planner to make it easy to use and functional for all users. The following documentation (which will be regularly updated) explains what teachers can do with the new planner.

What’s new?    

  • Plans are more visually engaging
  • Students can monitor individual achievements
  • Improved sorting and more focus on what is currently happening in your course
  • Simplified navigation 
  • Helps you focus on individual plans

See what we are working on now.

Switch on the new Planner

If your course was created before we enabled the new planner for our users, you can turn it on yourself. Click the Plans tab on your Course Overview page. Click the ellipsis button (the three horizontal dots) on the top right. Select Plan settings and switch on the new Planner as shown in the image below.

You will not lose any content by switching between the old and new Planner.

To switch back to the old planner - go through the same process, and switch off 'New planner'. You can do this as many times as you wish. Note: When you switch planners, your students and other educators that you share the plan with will see the version that you have chosen - remember to alert them!

new planner toggle

New planner toggle

Plan card

Educators and students will see their active plans for the week presented as a plan card (see image below showing a plan card -  'Northern Lights Research').

Educator view:

In addition, students will see a progress bar so they know how much work they have completed. 

Student view: 

The plan card shows an overview of the content in each plan: 

  • Plan title (Northern Lights Research)
  • Topic (Our Earth)
  • Description
  • Start and end dates
  • Number of resources
  • Image/Illustration
  • Progress bar (only available for students)

If educators and students have several plans for the week, they will see two plans in full display. To see more, click the "Show more" button.

Click the plan card to open and see all plan details. 

On the left is general information about the plan, such as title, topic, date, visibility toggle and image/illustration. On the right is plan description, resources and activities as well as learning objectives. To get an overview of students’ progress without having to navigate to the 360 reports, teachers will see numbers next to the resources and activities. The number to the left indicates how many students that have opened/read a resource, the number to the right shows total number of students.

To avoid performance issues, teachers can’t track students’ progress when there are more than 99 students in a course.

Educators can specify in which order their resources and activities should be listed. They can either use drag and drop or their keyboard to reorganise their list.

If educators have added extra information to their plans, for instance teacher notes, these will also be listed at the bottom. The 'Back to overview' link at the top of the page will take you back to the course overview page.

Student ownership

We want to help students taking ownership of their learning. By adding check marks and a progress bar, students can monitor individual achievement. Resources will automatically be marked as read once a student opens it, but students can choose to mark them as unread. Activities will be marked as done after the student has submitted. If educators assess an activity as not satisfactory, the check mark will be removed again.

To start working on a plan, a student can click any resource or activity. All resources and activities for a plan will appear in a side menu and can be used for navigation. Educators will get this side menu as well. 

Plans page

The Plans page gives you an overview of all plans. The navigation is simplified, making it easier for teachers to find their plans. There are tabs for filtering on 'Current' plans, 'Past' plans, 'Without date' and 'Topics'. Each tab has a counter, so that you can see number of current and past plans as well as number of plans without date and topics. 

Educators can also copy, delete, print and make their plans visible or not.

Current plans

Plans are sorted by date. The plan at the top is either the current plan or the next upcoming plan. To create a new plan, click the green 'Add plan' button.

Past plans

The most recent plan appears at the top of the list.

Plans without date

Plans without dates are sorted by the last created plan at the top. Educators can also specify in which order their plans without a date should be listed. They can either use drag and drop or their keyboard to reorganise their list. 

If you have not added an image, you will see a dynamic placeholder image with the same colour as the topic colour (see image below). Here, the plan for “The Kupier Belt”, appears in the same yellow colour as the topic.


Topics function like a folder or tag so it's easier to organise plans. Educators will see a list of their topics as well as a folder for plans without a topic. Each topic shows the number of plans for that topic and the dates shown refer to the start date of the first plan and the end date of the last plan. Educators can also specify in which order to list their topics. They can either use drag and drop or their keyboard to reorganise their list. 

Create a new plan

Educators will see a cleaner interface when creating plans. Click the green 'Add plan' button. Add an image, give your plan a title and add a description. You can choose to add dates, topic, learning objectives or make it visible to your students. 

Plans will automatically be sorted by date and will by default be invisible to students. 

Plans without a date

If teachers are not adding dates to their plans, they can choose to hide the tabs “current” and “past”. Teachers must go to plan settings, and set visibility for the plan field “Date” to ”Nobody”. All users in this course will then just see two plan tabs: “Topics” and “All plans”. Topics will be listed first.

Currently we’re working on:

  • Table view for educators
  • Better support for plans without a date
  • Interdisciplinary plans (cross-curricular planning) 
  • Functionality for assigning plans to specific students and/or groups 

We’ll update this page when we add any improvement. If you have any questions or comments, email us. Communication must be in English or Norwegian.

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