Grant itslearning access to support or services users

By granting itslearning access to the support or services users, you are giving permission to itslearning to securely login to your site and perform system administrative actions on your behalf. Such actions may include help setting up your site, providing training or troubleshooting. Any access to your site by itslearning will be automatically audited, and you may view the audit logs at any time.

Provide access to an itslearning site

To provide the itslearning staff with access to your itslearning-site, you go to: Admin > Edit global settings > Features and Security > Support access.

There you can check two options: Enable access for itslearning support and Enable access for itslearning services. The first option is meant to provide access to support staff, the latter is for our consultants.

For both a date can be set. After this expiry date itslearning staff doesn't have access anymore to your site.


Everytime the above settings are changed or when itslearning staff access your site, this will be regitered in our log. Using the button Audit log you can view this log.

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