The current version of terms and conditions for basic support (section 4 "Support") can be found under Terms & Conditions.

  • Basic support is included when purchasing the Service.  Our main point of contact is the Support Portal.
  • Representatives appointed by the Customer (Support Representatives) have the right to use ITSL support services. Unless otherwise agreed the Customer may nominate two Support Representatives.
For Students and Parents: The ability to log tickets with itslearning support is designed for use by system administrators. There are a number of reasons for this but primarily they are responsible for user access rights, course memberships and many other aspects and in our experience the majority of students and parents that reach out to us need help with an issue that falls into these categories.
Teachers will sometimes have issues that can be fixed locally but other times will need help with areas that itslearning support does need to be involved with. However in these cases one of the first, and most important, questions we will ask is how many people are affected because this helps us identify where to investigate. We believe teachers reporting these issues to the local system administrator allows them to have a better picture of how widespread an issue is and speeds up the process of us getting the information we need.
  • The Customer shall immediately inform the support staff of any Customer specific circumstances that might affect the handling of the request. Support Representatives must have attended relevant training, including basic training and super user training. Where available, Support Representatives might be required to undergo an annual certification test at Customers expense.
  • ITSL shall commence assistance within 1 business day after having received a request on normal Business Days. For some countries support will be provided by a local ITSL partner. The support centre is not manned on Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and public holidays.
  • The right to basic support from ITSL is limited to products and software produced by ITSL. For support for products and software supplied by ITSL partners and other third parties the customer must contact the relevant supplier.

Support requests are created by the Support Representative(s). Teachers, students and parents should always contact the local administrator first. These first points of contact channel the questions that arise, provide preliminary checks and are in contact with the individual schools and ITSL support.

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