A hierarchy is the organizational structure of a school or district. The school or district itself is at the top of the hierarchy with subhierarchies added for schools, users, classes, courses, etc.

As users are added to a site, they are assigned to a hierarchy, providing a clean and organized structure. Users can be sorted and searched by hierarchy.

If you are integrating with a student information system (SIS), hierarchy and user creation is automated. It is possible to manually add additional hierarchies.

Setting Up Hierarchies Manually

It is important to define the root hierarchy as an Site.  You cannot not add a site under a site. The organizations for which you want to add terms, policies, and privacy rules must be defined as a Site or School

The logical rule is as follows: one site, and several schools within that site, but not several schools within a school. If schools have sub-hierarchies, such as classes, they should have the hierarchy type Class, while groups within the class should have the Group hierarchy type. Below a hierarchy defined as School, you can have hierarchies defined as Class, Group, and Not Defined.

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