User and access Rights

In 'User and access rights', you can add, edit, and delete the users of your site. New users must be registered in itslearning and be provided with a username and password before they can be added to courses. There are three different methods of registering users in itslearning:

  • By an import from your student information system (SIS).
  • By importing from a file.
  • By manually adding users from the Admin menu.

Only administrators can add users to itslearning.

Importing Users from a File

The import function allows you to import batches of users with a single operation.  You can, for example, make the list in Excel, export it as a CSV file, and then import it into itslearning.  When creating the file, set it up similar to this:

Note:  You can choose to include a preset password, or allow the system to create an initial password for users when importing users manually.  If you allow the system to create the initial password, the users will be prompted to set a new password when logging in to the platform for the first time.

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