Back To School 23/24 - General Information

The end of the academic year, or just before the start of one, is a good opportunity to review various items in relation to itslearning settings, usage, and support processes. 

In this article we present the key things to consider.

Support Contacts

As a system administrator of itslearning you know who can contact itslearning support and how. If you don't know this, or there are for example any new itslearning support contacts in your organisation, before the summer vacation is a good time to reach out to itslearning to discuss how to best prepare for the school start after the summer. Please contact your Account Manager with any questions about this. 

Further, do all the students, teachers and parents know who to contact in case of any itslearning queries? If not, think about how to share this information with your students, teachers and parents.

itslearning functionality

Recently updated itslearning functionality

In the past year, we have made radical updates and improvements to our Planner and Test Tool. Additionally we have made many 'under-the-hood' updates in terms of being more accessible to all users:

Additional functionality that can be activated on demand

There are itslearning features and functionality available but not activated by default. Please reach out to your itslearning account manager in case you think any of these would benefit your organisation.

Licensed itslearning functionality

We also offer certain features and functionality that require an additional license, some of which involve third party products. Please reach to your itslearning account manager if you are interested in any of these areas: 

Available itslearning global settings

You can manage a great deal of the itslearning experience through global settings available to a system administrator. Examples include:

  • Using Learning Objectives
  • Accessibility Checker
  • Enable discussion in assignment
  • Anonymous activities
  • Enable resource booking
  • Enable homework
  • Users can delete and edit own messages (teachers can also delete messages in course conversations)
  • 360° reports

See here for an overview of the global settings: Global Settings

Information displayed to your users

Settings for the itslearning login page

The itslearning login page is shown to most users prior to login. We recommend checking the information posted there in case it should be updated or changed. A system administrator can access this information in global settings > Login page settings > Information.

In global settings > layout, you are also able to for example add links in the top menu, e.g. to the itslearning support portal or other useful general resources. Making sure these links are up to date is important. 

Other preparations for the new school year

Other possible preparations may include the following:

  • Training your new Teachers: reach out to your itslearning account manager to arrange for training for new teachers/staff
  • Template courses: if you use template courses, are they updated or are there any improvement needs? If you use Terms through them, remember to update them as well. The itslearning support portal contains many articles about how to use template courses.
  • Large courses for information purposes: if you use courses to share information with e.g. all staff or the entire school enrolled, do review the course and whether you should make a fresh copy for the new year. A new copy may be a good idea e.g. if messages and bulletins are used.
  • Individual Learning Plans: if you use them, you may want to consider creating new templates for the new year.
  • Terms: if you use them, remember to create new ones as needed. 


For an itslearning site with integrations from a school administrative system, there are many things worth reviewing and being aware of in advance of the new academic year.
Please see here for more information: Automated integration with a Student Information System

If you don't have any integrations yet, do reach out to your itslearning account manager for more information and prices.

Data deletion

Do you have an annual routine for deleting old courses and users in the trash can?

Archiving & Copying Old Courses

Do you have an annual routine for your teachers to copy old courses and archive the old courses to be set up for the next semester?

Need any training or other consultancy?

Do reach out to your itslearning account manager for more information and prices.


Please browse this support portal or see below for more information:

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