Enable accessibility plugin in rich text editor

If enabled, an icon will appear in the toolbar of the rich text editor. All pages with rich-text editor will then display a "check accessibility" feature with a wizard showing any accessibility-related issues in the content created by the user in the editing area and even offer to automatically fix some of them. The plugin uses the axe® rule engine from Deque systems.

To enable this option for your teachers:

  1. Login as system admin and navigate to administration > global settings > features and security > Tools and Content > Enable accessibility plugin in rich-text editor.
  2. Check the box and save yours changes.
Note: If you can not see this option, please reach out to the itslearning Support. It might need activation for your site first.

Check out this support article how the Accessibility Checker (Plugin) works for teachers.

More information on our commitment to accessibility can be found on the itslearning website by clicking the links below.

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility commitment

10 ideas for creating accessible content for everyone in itslearning

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