Test tool release notes 2023

Since December 2020, the new Test Tool has been gradually released to users. This page contains release notes for 2023. (Please read the Overview Page to see what the new Test tool functionalities: New Test Tool Overview page


You can find previous release notes here: 

Test tool release notes - 2022

Test tool release notes - 2021

Test v1.26 (April)

This release does not contain any new features, but several bugfixes in addition to performance and technical improvements.

Important bugfixes

Invisible dialogs

For years, we have had a technical issue resulting in some dialogs appearing out of view in certain scenarios. After several attempts to fix this in an elegant way, we have now reverted to the native browser dialog. This usually appears at the top of the window and will often have a quite technical-sounding heading. The browser dialog is now used in the following scenarios:

  • Confirmation when deleting a question from the list
  • Confirmation when deleting an attempt from the list of submissions
  • Confirmation when submitting an attempt

Other bugfixes

  1. Negative score should not be available when manual assessment is used in a question
  2. Several accessibility improvments, including making the start button in Chrome work with keyboard
  3. When using random selection of questions (draw in categories) we used to lock the question order. This can now be freely changed. We also fixed an issue where the question navigation got locked as well.

Note: We've had another two minor patches in March (v1.25.2 and 1.25.3), with minor bugfixes and performance improvements.

Test v1.25.1 (March)

We found some major bugs after the previous release, so this is a minor release just with bugfixes.

Important bugfixes

  • Double clicking the submit button gives error
  • Negative score setting in multiple choice/response is disabled after saving question
  • Total maximum score for test is wrong if questions with max score >1 are added to a category (or question group)

Test v.1.25 (March)


Over the past 2 months we have had a series of small patches to fix some accessibility issues and other bugs.

In this release we launched a pilot with the redesign of Categories, now called Question groups. This is currently only available to a small number of pilot customers, and we will collect feedback and follow-up on any issues before rolling out to all customers later this year, aiming for June.

For those interested, the redesigned feature is documented here: Test question groups (formerly categories)

Minor updates

  • Expand/collapse all is available in the new assessment page
  • If you have set categories to draw a random set of questions, you are now allowed to change the question order. Random means all questions are mixed. Normal means the order from the question list is used.

Important bugfixes

  • Audio/video in Open answer responses is now displayed correctly when assessing tests
  • Several accessibility improvements
  • "Reviewed" time will now reflect time of submission for tests that are automatically assessed

Test v.1.24 (January)


Negative score

We are now introducing an option for negative score which will apply to questions where the students can give more than one answer:

  • Multiple response
  • Fill in the blank
  • Select from a list
  • Select point

The option is found near the score setting, where the teacher can activate negative score for the question. Contrary to the old test tool, this option is now per question, not for the test as a whole, giving teachers more flexibility of when to use it. When the option is selected, any wrong answers that are checked, will result in a deduction in the score for that question. Note that the total score for a question will never be below 0.

The option can be changed after someone started the test (this triggers a recalculation for any already submitted attempts).

Please be aware that you might see an unusual pattern in the distribution of the score. As an example: You have created a Fill in the blank question with 5 blank fields. The question score is 5, meaning each blank field is worth 1 point. Without negative score enabled, the student will not be punished for any wrong answers, but simply receive 0 points for them. With negative score, the student will be deducted 1 point for each wrong or blank answer. In this case, students can never achieve 2 or 4 points.

Number of correct answers
Number of wrong or blank answers
Points given
2, 1 or 03, 4 or 5More wrong than correct => 0

Note: After discussions we will change the logic so blank answers are not punished. This applies to Fill in the blank, Select from a list and Select point question types. The change will be included in the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Automatic feedback on answer alternatives

Teachers can now add automatic feedback for each individual answer alternative in multiple choice/response questions. This means that the feedback will be displayed for the student for each alternative they have selected, together with results. As long as the students are allowed to see questions and their own answers, they will also be able to see the feedback. This does NOT rely on correct answers being displayed.

Automatic feedback on answer alternatives is not included in copy or import yet. It is also not included in the QTI export from the old test tool. We aim to look more into this later.

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