Test tool release notes - 2021

The new Test tool has been progressively released to users since December 2020. On this page you will find release notes from 2021. (To see what the new test tool can do, please read the New Test Tool Overview page.)


Test v1.15 (December)

  • Minor technical update and bugfix.

Test v1.14 (December)

  • Security updates and bugfixes, including the problem of text being cut off in multiple choice answers.

Test v1.13 (November)

  • Added new question type, Select point which functions like Hotspot. For more information see the Question Types page.
  • Partial scores for multiple choice questions.
  • Test mode browser force update. If Test Mode Browser was not updated after summer, students must do so now to be able to take tests using the Test Mode Browser. The minimum version is now set to (Windows, both student and lab versions) / (Mac), as announced in release notes for R120.  
  • CKeditor updates - aligning with itslearning web
  • Bugfixes

Test v1.12 (September)

  • Improvement to 'match questions' so a student is never presented with the complete and correct answers by the randomizer.
  • Test-mode browser force update. Students should use the download link provided in the test tool to upgrade. If you are using the Windows Lab version, contact itslearning global support for an updated install file (version This change does not affect iPad and Chromebook versions of the test-mode browser.  
  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes include auto-suggestion shown in 'Fill in the blank' questions, dropdowns in select from a list questions not working if the instruction text is very long and language issues.

Test v1.11 (July)

  • Bug fixes for images disappearing in Test Mode Browser and results exports not including all attempts. 

Test v1.10 (July)

  • Improvements to autosave in open answer questions. Content is now saved when the user stops typing for 2 seconds and you can continue from where you left off (even on a different computer). Text appears under editor showing draft is saved (see screenshot below). This feature is only available in student attempts (does not show when a teacher reviews the test).

    Known issue being worked on: Issue with autosaved content if the attempt is automatically submitted due to the passing of the deadline or visibility end time before student is able to submit the test. 

  • Option to make changes after user starts test. 
    • Change the question score
    • Change the category of a question
    • Change the category score
  • Results of submitted attempts will be recalculated when changes are confirmed and saved. The results cannot be undone (unless manually changed).
  • Note:  If you have already scored a question manually, you cannot set the new question max score to a value lower than the highest score you have given any student. If you have already scored a question manually, you cannot change the category score if the category contains manually scored questions. If you change the category of a question, you could potentially change the distribution of questions for some students compared to your setup when drawing from categories, if their selection contained this question.
  • Anonymous submission of tests -Works in a similar way as it does in assignment - for the teacher to manually assess student work without seeing the identity of the student. Anonymous submissions can be used in combination with other security measures for the test such as password protection or use of test mode browser. When this option is enabled, teachers will only see a scrambled key instead of the student's name. This also includes the results export file. Students are informed that the test is anonymous in the test information.
  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes

Test v1.9 (July)

  • Bug fixes

Test v1.8 (June)

  • Password protection: When creating or editing a test, add a password in the Test security section of the settings. The setting is off by default. The alphanumerical password can consist of between 1 and 32 characters. The password setting and the password is retained when a test is copied, and can be edited by any user who has edit permission to the test. Password tests can be used in the test-mode browser. The password can be changed even after someone has started the test, and ongoing attempts will continue to work. The new password will be required for anyone trying to start or continue the test after the password change was saved. (Dependency on general release on June 12, 2021)
  • Bug fixes

Test v1.7 (May)

  • Bug fixes

Test v1.6 (April)

  • Updated Test Mode Browser version in the download link for Windows ( and Mac OS ( Download button for new version is found on the test start page. Chromebooks and iPads are not affected. 
  • Note: this version will be set as the new minimum version in a future release.
  • Performance improvements - optimising queries and improving use of cache.
  • Support for eQuatIO (ongoing work across platform) 
  • Bug fixes

Test v1.5 (March)

  • Improved accessibility for Either/Or questions
  • Bug fixes

Test v1.4 (January)

  • Categories: Group questions by topic, difficulty or other criteria. A category has a title and a score, and that score is assigned to all questions in that category. Set tests to randomly pick a sub-set of questions from each category for each student. You cannot select which questions to pick, but the number of questions. Categories tab appears after test is created. We recommend adding categories first and then questions. Max score is determined by the setting in the category.  
  • Bug fixes

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