Release notes for the new Test Tool

The new Test tool has been progressively released to users since December 2020. 

On this page you will find release notes related to the new Test tool. (To see what the new test tool can do, please read the New Test Tool Overview page.)

Test tool v1.9 (June 2021) 

Test tool v1.8  (June 2021)

Test tool v1.7 (May 2021)

Test tool v1.6 (April 2021)

Test tool v1.5 (Mar 2021)

Test tool v1.4 (Jan 2021) 

Test v1.9

Bug fixes including error in test submission process

Test v1.8

  • Password protection: When creating or editing a test, add a password in the Test security section of the settings. The setting is off by default. The alphanumerical password can consist of between 1 and 32 characters. The password setting and the password is retained when a test is copied, and can be edited by any user who has edit permission to the test. Password tests can be used in the test-mode browser. The password can be changed even after someone has started the test, and ongoing attempts will continue to work. The new password will be required for anyone trying to start or continue the test after the password change was saved. (Dependency on general release on June 12, 2021)
  • Bug fixes

Test v1.7

Bug fixes

Test v1.6

  • Updated Test Mode Browser version in the download link for Windows ( and Mac OS ( Download button for new version is found on the test start page. Chromebooks and iPads are not affected. 
  • Note: this version will be set as the new minimum version in a future release.
  • Performance improvements - optimising queries and improving use of cache.
  • Support for eQuatIO (ongoing work across platform) 
  • Bug fixes

Test v1.5

  • Improved accessibility for Either/Or questions
  • Bug fixes

Test v1.4

  • Categories: Group questions by topic, difficulty or other criteria. A category has a title and a score, and that score is assigned to all questions in that category. Set tests to randomly pick a sub-set of questions from each category for each student. You cannot select which questions to pick, but the number of questions. Categories tab appears after test is created. We recommend adding categories first and then questions. Max score is determined by the setting in the category.  
  • Bug fixes

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