How to share a course via AICC URL

It is possible for schools on different itslearning websites, and also using different LMS solutions, to collaborate in a course. 

This can be done by using the AICC HACP protocol for communication. By activating AICC communication in a course, you will get a link (URL) that can be added to another course on a different itslearning site or a 3rd party LMS. itslearning will accept incoming requests and grant access to the course.

Note: AICC communication must be activated on both sites (at the school sharing a course and at the partner school)! Support representatives can ask for this via itslearning support if necessary.

To share a course via AICC

  • As a teacher or course admin, open the course you like to share with an itslearning organisation outside of your site
  • Go to More > Settings > Course properties and features > Permissions
  • Enable Allow AICC communication and click save
  • Copy the URL that appears, and share it with your partner school / site

To join a course via AICC in itslearning

  • Open the course where you would like to add the access link
  • Add a recourse of type "SCORM or AICC link"


  • Add a title and the AICC URL that was shared with you
  • Choose AICC HACP communication
  • Decide when or for how long the resource should be active
  • Choose "New window" to open the shared course in an extra browser tab and save

Any user in this course can now access the shared course via this link.

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