Why should I use plans?

As educators, we know that we must first focus on the learning and then look at the technology to support learning. Planning as a process keeps the focus on learning and not the technology. 

Plans is a central hub to organize all your teaching material from assignments, to tests to resources and activities.

Because the lesson planner can be customized to the needs of the user, it increases organization and provides a coherent framework for smooth efficient teaching and learning.
The planner isn't a traditional schedule of events, but more of a roadmap for learning. Teachers, parents, students, and administrators can have access to plans, so that everyone clearly understands how learning will be generated, supported, and assessed.

"Plans is a one stop shop for students to access all of the information needed to complete their work. It streamlines how students access content."- Teacher in Forsyth, GA

Access the itslearning Plans in the Course Overview. Click the ellipsis (...) icon to set your Plan Settings. 

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