Can teachers create courses together?


By enrolling multiple teachers in a single course, teachers may build the course together.  

Teachers can also create special courses with no students where they can collaborate on the design of template courses, units, lessons and assessments. 

After you have created the course, go to Participants. (Course Overview > More > Participants).

Add the teacher(s) who will be teaching the course with you. Remember to select 'Teacher' in the Role field.

If you want to use the course as a working/collaboration area, you can later copy any content and plans from this working course into your actual courses that you are using to teach students.

screenshot select role

If there're two teachers teaching the same course, both their names will appear on the Course Cards, but you can only select one whose picture will be featured on the course card. We suggest you select the primary teacher or course leader.

screenshot edit course cards, select teacher whose picture will be featured in the course card

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