Manage Settings for Learning Objective Reports

When measuring learning objective or standards mastery, the mastery settings must be set at the organizational level and may be done at the site or school level. When selecting an organization to modify the mastery settings, there are five main settings.


This setting allows you to select an outcome status as a threshold for mastery and decide how many times it must be reached before the objective is considered mastered.

Assessment Outcome Statuses

This setting allows you to decide the statuses (assessment outcomes) for standards mastery reporting.  The starting percentage must be defined for each status used.

Reoccurrence Rules for Mastery

Specify how many times the students need to meet the expected level before the learning objective is considered mastered.  A recurrence setting is useful to eliminate effects of flukes.

Default Achievement Levels

Achievement levels allow you to define several levels on which the criteria for an objective can be demonstrated.  If the option to ‘calculate overall assessment based on criteria’ is checked, then an option from the assessment scale – such as a grade – will be suggested based on the criteria based assessment if you use both to assess an activity.

Assign Tasks

Allow tasks to be assigned directly from the report.  Students that struggle with a learning objective can have tasks assigned to them directly from the report.

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