Easily accessed from a tab in the main menu, the Calendar is simple to use and helps you keep track of your schedule and appointments. 

Although you can add personal calendar events, the itslearning Calendar is closely associated with your Courses and Projects.

From the Calendar you can book physical resources outside itslearning, such as rooms and equipment and keep participants informed about important events in your courses. 

You add events by clicking in the time or date cells. Events can be dragged and dropped for easy rearrangement. 

When you open up the calendar, you will notice three tabs – schedule, plans, and search.

(Check with your system administrator if you have access to manage events in your calendar. This can be activated in the Course profile - Admin >> Profiles >> Course tab >> Manage events in course calendar) 

Schedule Tab

Within the schedule tab, you have the ability to view your consolidated calendars by day, week or month. On the left-hand side of this page, you will notice all of the courses and communities in which you are enrolled in. Each course has a corresponding color for easier visibility. 

Any event that a teacher adds to a course calendar will also populate on students’ calendars. Click on an event to view a more detailed description or to edit the event.

screenshot calendar

When lessons and events are added in courses or communities, they will automatically populate in the calendar. Course and community events will also populate in the events section on the course or community overview page.

Additionally, an event can be added to the calendar by simply clicking on any date. Events can also be moved from date to date by dragging and dropping the event to the new date/time. 

screenshot add event

To delete an event - simply click on the event and click the trashcan icon (Delete).

To edit - open the event and click the pencil icon. 

Users can subscribe to calendars by clicking on the ellipsis (...) in the upper right-hand corner. 

The itslearning calendar can also be added to your phone calendar when you set up the itslearning mobile app.

screenshot plans in calendar view

Plans Tab

The plans tab allows a user to view all course plans in one window. This view displays a selected week of plans.

Search Tab

The search tab provides a list of all events (past, present, and future) from courses and communities in which a user is enrolled in.  The user may also search events using a specific timeframe or keyword.


For a better overview in busy calendars, you can filter on personal, course and project entries. By default all entries appear, but you can click on the colored circle to remove a personal calendar, course or project from the calendar view. The caret (down arrow) beside the Favorite courses and Favorite projects headings can be used to select all or none of the courses or projects. The Personal option only shows events that are marked as personal. 

Seeing other users' calendars

Teachers and administrators can search for other users' calendars to see whether or not they are available.

They cannot see personal events, only courses and projects. Only the course or project title, the time and date, and booked resources (if any) are shown when viewing other peoples' calendars. 

Students and guests cannot see other users' calendars. However, parents can see the calendar of their children, but the cannot search for any one else. 

Personal events are only visible to the owner. 

Projects will appear, but the details – such as project titles – will only be visible to the members of the project. For non-members, the title will by default appear as "Project" instead of showing the actual title. This is because projects are considered more personal than courses.

To view another user's calendar, start typing a name and select the person from the list. The name will now appear under 'Others calendars' and that person's events will appear in your calendar view. To remove the person's calendar, click the 'X' beside the name. You can see several other peoples' calendars at the same time to compare it with your own. 

Calendars that are not your own will be shown with diagonal stripes.

Exporting the calendar to other calendars

The itslearning calendar can be exported and imported to calendars that support the iCalendar format, for example, Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. To subscribe, click the ellipsis (...) in the top right corner and select Subscribe. Click or copy the link to import it to an external calendar. Note that anyone can access the feed without a user name and password, so be careful not to share the link with anyone.

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