Mobile App

The itslearning mobile app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices. 

These are two separate applications, so some features might not be identical. 

Let's get started

When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to select your school. 

After selecting your school/site, you will be asked to login. Some schools may use an external login.

Once you are logged in, you will be guided through an onboarding program and be prompted to turn on notifications and connect your calendar (when you navigate to the calendar and then click away).

Home screen

Once the mobile app is set up, the Home screen will show your latest notifications and announcements. 

The top left corner has a hamburger icon to open the Library, your Personal menu and to Log out. (On an iPad, click the menu option 'More'.) 

screenshot Home screen

Course, Tasks, Calendar, Messages

You do pretty much everything that you do on your desktop itslearning on the mobile device, 

The icons at the bottom of the main screen allow users to access courses, tasks, calendar and messages.

Users will see Tasks if there is at least one follow-up task in at least one course. Each follow-up task will have a counter with the number of submissions that haven't been viewed.

You can also easily send and receive messages with the app. Remember to 'Turn on notifications' (see image above) to receives notification alerts on your phone. 

Click the course and you will be able to access Plans, Resources as well as status and follow-up reports. 

screenshot of Courses, Tasks and Calendar

The app focuses on the most important features of itslearning (based on customer response) that you can access on the go, so it does not replicate the full itslearning platform experience (we recommend you use a laptop/notebook or desktop). 

To logout just go to the hamburger icon on the top left of your Home screen and click Log out. (iPad users will find this function under 'More'.)

You can find more information on the itslearning app on our website by clicking this link

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