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Encountering problems when using multiple tabs in itslearning?

Sometimes, when using the platform, you might want to open itslearning in a new tab or window, or maybe even duplicate your current tab. However, doing so can cause problems, especially when using certain tools like pages, tests, assignments, and LTI tools.

Here are some potential issues that can arise:

  • Inconsistent data saving: If you perform actions in multiple tabs, it can result in data being saved incorrectly or outdated information being stored.

  • Automatic logout: The automatic logout feature might not function as intended if you have itslearning open in multiple tabs or windows.

  • Timing issues with tests: The countdown for timed tests might display incorrect information if you have itslearning open in more than one tab.

  • Automatic submission in tests: There could be unexpected issues with automatic submission if you're using itslearning across multiple tabs or windows.

To avoid these problems, it's best to use itslearning in a single tab or window at a time and refrain from duplicating tabs or opening multiple instances simultaneously, except from the instances when this happens automatically. This will help ensure a smoother experience and prevent potential data conflicts or errors.

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